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Ok friends, I’m pretty excited! Today I’m teaming up with the amazing folks behind Porch, a home network that helps get you connected  to accredited professionals, offer millions of projects to peruse and gives some pretty great advice for all your home and DIY needs! Today we are bringing you a fabulous little interview about my blog, who I am and what I do on their On the Front Porch series! So, if you think you already know all those things about me, you should check it out anyway! If you’re new around here, then this is the perfect chance to get to know more about Hello Lidy! Here are just a few fun questions from the interview. For the rest of the questions and answers, be sure to head over to their site for more interview questions!  If your life were a song, what would it be? Hmm. Probably Simon and Garfunkle’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Life is a journey and a tough one at that. I’ve constantly been learning hard lessons, but amidst those times I’ve had so much love and support. I’ve grown stronger, wiser and have learned so many invaluable lessons along the way. Pinterest or Facebook? Pinterest!  P.S. You can follow me here if you’d like!  If your walls could only be painted one color for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? White. It’s your basic backdrop to creating endless design ideas in any space!  What are you exceptionally good at? (Permission to brag) I hate bragging because I feel like it opens you up to being criticized and judged! haha But I can say that I... read more

Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter

For Spring, I’m really craving some color. Normally, color is a little more subdued in our home. But this is the perfect excuse to have some fun where normally I might not be so brave! This yarn Tassel planter is the perfect way to add something new for Spring!  You’ll need  Yarn (in 4 complimentary colors – I chose blue, coral, pale pink and green) Terracota Planter Hot Glue Gun Plant or Cactus What to do Before you begin, cut about ten 10-inch strands of yarn in two bunches per three remaining colors (I used Coral, Blue and Green). Set aside. Start with the first planter. Begin by dabbing a small drop of hot glue to the bottom of the planter and start wrapping yarn around your planter (I used the pale pink since it was the lightest, most neutral of the four colors). Work your way up about 2-3 inches and dab your hot glue to keep the yarn from slipping around.  Loop the first two bunches of yarn to create your first tassels onto the single strand you are wrapping your planter with. Continue another 2-3 inches up and repeat until you have all your tassels attached to your planter! This is definitely a very unique looking planter! It’s quirky and totally fun! I created a simple yarn plant holder using the same four colors to bring the two together. I love the burst of color they bring to my space!   It feels like a little Fiesta with the cacti and pops of color, don’t you think?  XOXO, Lidy  ... read more

DIY Paper Floral Wreath

Oh heyyyy, it’s Monday! And I am thrilled to be sharing a super cute and easy Paper Floral Wreath over on The Land of Nod‘s Blog, Honest to Nod today! Be sure to head over and take a peek! And of course, I would love to hear what you think! XOXO,... read more

Colorful Geometric Easter Eggs

Last week I shared my version of Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs. Today I’m back with the same concept, but with some fun colors! These Colorful Geometric Easter Eggs are sure to be a hit. Using the same white eggs from the craft store, I used the kids Crayola markers in assorted colors to create some of those clean designs. This year I am a big believer that less is more, so I stuck with basic shapes – leaving some as outlines and others filled in. I think they turned out great!  They are perfect if you are a lover of color, but they are still minimal and trendy. I was trying to take a step in a new direction by getting away from the black and white and I am so glad I did! They still have that Scandinavian feel, but with pops of pink, purple, blue, green, turquoise, yellow and orange!  What do you think?! Are you more a fan of black and white or color? XOXO,... read more

Using Nature as Props and Decor

I am always looking for interesting ways to make my space look visually stimulating, but also fun pieces for events, parties and birthdays!  Our family loves to go on walks around our neighborhood and often there’s all kinds of debris from the trees losing their beautiful branches. It seems like such a waste, but I decided this time to collect a few and bring them home. Yes, I was the crazy mom hauling three toddlers with an arm full of huge tree branches. But it was fun and totally worth it!  I looked for unique shapes and sizes and came home with a few gorgeous branches. The shape creates the illusion of motion against our white walls. They almost frame pieces that surround them and I love the modern look they bring. You could easily spray paint them, but I loved the organic look they had with all the white and black decor in our home.  These branches have already made an appearance in one of my posts and I’m pretty sure they will continue to for a little while. I placed them in a crisp white and geometric vase. I’m sure I’ll be playing around with placement in our house! So there you go, sometimes decor can be free and you can find them in the most unlikely places! What do you think of bringing this kind of nature indoors as home decor? XOXO,... read more

Hoop Yarn Art

I love those simple projects that add color, texture and personality to your home! And this hoop yarn art is just the thing! I’ve always been a fan of fibre art of any kind, so I made this cheap and easy DIY for our walls to add that little pop of pink!  What you will need Two embroidery hoops – one large and small Yarn in any color – multi colors or just one  Hot glue gun What to do Simply start by popping out the center circle of the smallest hoop. Cut your yarn to the length you want. I wanted the yarn to stop just passed where the largest hoop ended. Then, hang your re-cut yarn over the circle of the smallest hoop until you have the desired amount. Carefully pop the circle back into the smallest hoop and tighten the adjusting screw if needed. Line up the hoops at the top so both screws are lined up. Take your yarn and wrap it tightly around the two tops of the hoops to hide the adjusting screws. Use a tab of hot glue to secure the yarn ends. Tie a small piece of yarn on one end of the hoop to the other to create a hook to hang your new hoop art!  You could create any size or however many you like for a great statement  for your home! I love how it adds just the perfect amount of pink to our walls to pull in other pieces in the room. I don’t think this trend is dying just yet! What do you think? XOXO,... read more

Gold 3D Geometric Sculptures

I’m looking for some fun ideas for sprucing my walls this spring and anything gold is good with me! Plus, it’s bright and cheery – just the way spring should be. These gold 3D geometric sculptures are great!  All you will need is some gold twisty ties, which I picked up at the craft store. Begin by twisting 4 ties together to create a flat square. Repeat. Twist four more ties on each corner of one square. Attach the opposite ends to the second square and you have your first 3D sculpture! For a triangle, simply make the flat square. Attach ties to the corners and twist the opposite ends together in the center.  Create as many as you would like and have fun! It takes just a matter of minutes and you can create a great statement for your walls. XOXO,... read more

Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs

The months seem to just be flying by! Then again, I have three busy toddlers to keep me busy.  So before I know it, we’re already getting closer to another holiday! Can you believe Easter is only a few short weeks away? I’ve already got a head start on decorating some eggs and this year I’m sticking to some clean black and white Scandinavian-inspired Easter eggs! I’ve been so incredibly inspired by these amazing designs, I knew I had to recreate them in some way. I simply decorated some eggs I picked up from the craft store using my sharpie. I created clean designs that felt both trendy and fun! It was so easy, it took me just a few minutes and I had a great little collection going on. Can’t wait to do some more decorating with the kids. They love to do crafts as a family and I am honored to create alongside them! What kind of Easter eggs have caught your eye this year? XOXO,... read more

DIY Low-Profile Round Tables

I’ve been on the hunt to find a super simple furniture DIY that anyone can do by simply finding the supplies and recreating the project on their own. No cutting wood or welding involved! I took a little trip to Lowes with the kids one day to research and see what my options were. I wanted something that was modern, simple, sleek and of course, Scandinavian-inspired.  I’ve been really drawn to the idea of low coffee tables. They are still functional, but a lot more subtle and contemporary. Besides, who makes these rules anyway – that coffee tables need to be a specific height?! So, I created two coffee tables with this design in mind! Here are the supplies you will need: Pine Round, 1-Step Stair Frame (black), 1-Step Stair Frame (White), Wood Screw, Finish Washer Here’s what I did: In order to keep the tables looking sleek I went with three step stair frames as legs for each table, instead of your traditional four. I decided to do one table with white and the other black, since I couldn’t decide what I liked more! (Heads up: the steps come with stickers that are quote difficult to remove, but with the help of a little gasoline they came off a lot more easily)! Simply pre-drill two holes for the screws per leg. With a screw driver, place two screws and washers in the two holes on the thin, flat metal surface of the legs. Repeat until all legs are secure to the table top. Be sure to pre-measure the distance of the legs so they are all centered. I chose to keep the pine top natural and as-is. ... read more

Dote Magazine | The Great Mantlescape

Back in November, I mentioned how I was going to be writing a new design column for Dote Magazine! My column would be focused on fixing a design problem that plagued many different types of homes and introduce simple solutions. Four months later and Issue Two has finally launched! Here was what I was working on: When a city like Calgary is growing at an exponential rate, buying a home can be daunting. You throw all your expectations out the window and rely solely on necessity and reality. Which often means moving into a “cookie-cutter” home.  Those awkward spaces above the fireplace for one, which most often collects a lot of “stuff”, making the overall space feel a bit cluttered. Perhaps the builders envisioned your standard television to go there, but not all of us want our T.V.’s to be the focal point in our family rooms.  We came up with a simple solution that truly gave the space a new and fresh look! We closed off the opening above the fireplace and created a wall made of slat wood. By painting it white, this allowed the area to flow a lot better! The slats brought a great texture by breaking up the flatness of the walls that surrounded the fireplace. We also painted the mantle to help pull the fireplace together and making it look as one solid piece. The space certainly feels a lot more modern and minimal. Best part is, there’s a new mantle to style and decorate now – gone are the days of clutter!  Now that we have the fireplace makeover out of the way, let’s talk... read more
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