DIY Washi Tape Clock

I’m back from an extra long weekend! And what better way to kick things off than a super-duper easy DIY. This Washi Tape Clock recently got the easiest makeover and now it’s all the more cute.  Materials: Washi Tape |  Clock  Simply start on the bottom of your clock (to hide the uneven ends) and begin to wrap your washi tape around the surface. Every time you make a complete circle, begin a whole new row of washi tape and wrap around again until the surface is completely covered. I told you it was easy!  My clock went from boring white to pops of pattern in no time! I’m sure you can do a better job of lining up your dots on the washi tape. I actually wasn’t going to show you this DIY, so I didn’t take any pictures. Then I decided that was just a silly idea! I had to share how simple this was, so I removed the washi tape and started over…in a bit of a hurry. Sorry excuse, I know. At least you get the idea – right?! I love washi tape and I love quick projects like this. So if you’re anything like me, than you’ll love it too!  XOXO,... read more

Creative Space Reveal

In all the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve never actually had my own office/workspace! I usually used our living room couch as my office and my lap was my desk. It was frustrating trying to get work done at times, which I’m sure you can imagine. So when we moved into our new home, I knew that I really wanted a little area designated for my blog and design projects. It would help me feel more organized and the hope was, I would feel a little more productive in the end!  I wouldn’t so much call it my office or workspace, since it is technically part of our living room. I’ve resorted to calling it my Creative Space, since this is the area that I find myself doing a lot of planning, playing and prepping for all those projects I’m trying to get done! It’s exactly what I needed. My husband works during the day and I stay at home with the kids. I can’t just lock myself away in a room somewhere, but I do find that I can work in this little space in our living room while the kids read or play with their toys at my feet. I would still love to have my own office one day, but this is a great alternative for all those stay-at-home moms working from home!  My desk was created to replicate the design of our Danish Inspired Modular Shelving Unit we made a couple years back. It pulls the living room and dining room together now, making everything feel cohesive and smooth. You can adjust the heights of the... read more

Mini Vinyl Heart Wall Decals

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I find the time to decorate and design my home while controlling my three toddlers! The truth is, some days I don’t find the time!! But when I do, it’s because I choose those easy DIYs that take maybe a half hour of my day or less. It’s all about doing things quickly and as simply as possible! And today’s Mini Vinyl Heart Wall Decals are a great example of both those things.  Materials + Directions What you will need: Black Vinyl, Heart Puncher Simply begin by creating your hearts with the heart puncher. I got both the vinyl and puncher from Michael’s. Once you have as many as you want to work with, peel the back of the heart off and create your design on the wall. I wanted my hearts to cascade down the wall randomly, but you can have total freedom on your design!  This project should only take you about 10-20 minutes, depending on how many you decide to make. The black vinyl has a nice finish and gives the wall a completely new look! I love it in our home, it just feels so minimal and modern!  Honestly, vinyl is such an easy way to update any area of your home! It’s my secret weapon when I’m short for time. Hopefully this was helpful to you and now you feel a bit more inspired to do a little project for your home too!  XOXO,... read more

Giveaway: Win A Blogzilla Theme Of Your Choice!

Guys, I am so excited for you right now! I’m teaming up with the beautiful ladies behind Blogzilla Studio to bring you one amazing giveaway: a FREE blog theme of your choice! Whaaaa? Yes, for real! The Blogzilla team just launched their new site to sell directly to customers and will be launching wedding themes soon as well!! I’m sure you know by now, their themes are nothing short of simple and stylish! I can’t say enough good things about them! And I’m speaking from experience – Molly and Natalie are the sweetest! And now you can win a blog theme of YOUR choice from these fabulous gals!  You might have noticed I changed the look of my blog a month or so ago. I wanted something that felt clean, fresh and modern. I was needing something that didn’t distract too much from my content, but still represented what my blog was all about. Or at least the direction we are going this year!  My husband and I often do a lot of home projects that are very Scandinavian-inspired, which means minimal and sleek. And to me, Blogzilla was exactly the look we were going for! They are super customizable, so it’s easy to bring your own little twist and flavor to the overall look of your blog. Most importantly, they are super helpful and honest. And to me, that’s always important when working with something as precious as your business! So, if you’re as excited as I am, be sure to enter this amazing giveaway below! You don’t want to miss this chance at a fresh and new look for your blog! a Rafflecopter giveaway... read more

Friday Finds

Ok friends, I know I’ve been absent all week. A month or so ago, my youngest son decided to spill a very sugary beverage all over the keyboard of my laptop. For the longest time, I was using an external keyboard and hauling it all around. I finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on getting my old one replaced. It’s as good as new – no more crunching sounds or sticky keys – yay! So, while I’ve been taking an involuntary break from my blog, I’ve had the chance to enjoy some rather splendid DIYs around the web this week. Hope you enjoy!  Those DIY Color Blocked Wood Vases are gorgeous! I could easily see one or more of these in our home!  I would so rock these DIY Temporary Edible Gold Lipstick Glasses at my next party! I mean, the sheer fact that they’re edible?! And totally adorable of course.  Ok, how stinkin’ cute and clever is this Fries Before Guys FREE Printable?! SO fun(ny)! As a mother of three, I am totally for any game that keeps the kiddos busy and having a good time. This Tic Tac Toe Valentine is so easy to make and overall fabulous!  Totally had one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments when I first saw these DIY Modern Placemats! They have everything I love – black, white, graphic, clean and modern. Duh, I should have totally thought of that one on my own! Regardless, I love them and that’s that.  I’ll be back next week and to kick start my return, I am hosting a very fun giveaway that... read more

Friday Finds

Couldn’t be more happy that today is Friday! How about you? I stumbled upon some pretty amazing DIYs this weekend that I think are a must try or at least drool worthy! Hope you enjoy your weekend friends.  Banner | Hanging Air Plant Holder | Mudcloth Pillow | Triangular Painted Walls |  Geometric Pieces  XOXO,... read more

Unfinished Painted Pink Vase

You might have noticed me sneaking in little pieces of pink decor in our home this season. I’m really looking for fun ways to slowly add pink in our living room and this Unfinished Painted Pink Vase is just the thing!  All you’ll need is a plain vase, acrylic paint and a paint brush! Simply paint your vase in the color of your choice. I opted for skipping tape (but you can totally do that if you like nice clean lines!). I wanted my edges to have a non-finished, imperfect look! I’m really digging that style, but I’m not brave enough to use it on my walls as seen here. So, I stuck to something quite a bit smaller and less noticeable!  Super easy and no fuss! This would be perfect for Valentine’s or incorporating a little bit of color in your every day decor!  XOXO, Lidy... read more

DIY Confetti Candles

Hello all! Hope your week is going great so far. I’m over at Craftaholics Anonymous today sharing these fun DIY Confetti Candles for Valentines, parties or every day decor! This will be my last time contributing, as the Creative Team for 2014 has ended. I am so thankful for all the wonderful opportunities this past year has brought about and for working alongside so many amazing creatives. But it’s time to close that chapter and see what lies ahead this coming year. Hope you enjoy! XOXO,... read more

Master Bedroom Reveal

Well friends, the day is here! I am so beyond excited to share with you our master bedroom reveal! Never have we ever had a space to ourselves that has been this beautiful. I feel so very lucky indeed! Say hello to our new modern, but vintage-inspired get-away! So, way back when we first started taking this project on, I was SO inspired by this space by Schoolhouse Electric. It was everything I wanted in our new room: brass light fixtures, grey upholstered bed, playful patterns and pops of graphic black and whites. But with our own twist of course! Thanks to Wayfair, our dream makeover came true! We started with repainting our walls a bold and classic black, which we painted 3/4’s of the way up so the room didn’t feel smaller than it already was! I sewed curtains (yes, I sewed them!) with some amazing fabric I found at Ikea, which already improved the room substantially! I even sewed a matching pillow with the extra fabric…hey, why not?! Then the really fun part! We got to move in all our new pieces and style the space, which is my favorite of any makeover. Says everybody, I’m sure. Since we sold all our bedroom furniture before we moved, we really had absolutely nothing. I can’t tell you how nice it is to sleep on a REAL bed again! The mattress on the floor was just not working out all too well. I absolutely love the color palette we used for this space: black, white, light grey and pops of blue. It’s calming, soothing and perfect for resting one’s head.... read more

Bedroom Makeover | Modern Walls

Ok guys, I’m back with the color reveal! If you haven’t guessed it already (or seen a few little pictures on Instagram), we picked Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black for our walls!! Yes, it’s bold. It’s dark. It’s dramatic. But we wanted something that was a little risky and modern for our bedroom space.  In order to avoid our room feeling like a dark cave, we played around with some painting options (don’t mind my photoshop skills):  1. One solid black wall: this felt a little too safe for us, so we decided against. 2. Solid black wall + Diagonal: We wanted something a little edgier, but this felt almost too edgy! 3. 3/4 painted wall: It was modern, fresh and trendy. In the end, this was our final pick! It still allowed enough light to bounce off the ceiling and walls for that extra light and had that “wow” factor we were hoping for when you first walk in the room! I cannot tell you how good it feels to walk into our room and no longer seeing those bright pink walls! I already feel like it’s a retreat away from the rest of the house. Next week I’ll show you the complete room makeover with all our new furniture pieces and a few fun DIYs!  What do you think of the black? What would you have chosen? XOXO, Lidy... read more
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