Entryway Makeover | Reveal

I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to have this entryway finally completed! If you need a room refresher, be sure to check that out here. So where to begin. Oh, right! Let’s talk about Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year… Allllllaaaaabbbbaaassstttteeeerrrr! Imagine I announced that just as well as Oprah. But just in case that wasn’t clear – I am SO thrilled the color of the year is Alabaster (SW 7008). So, why white? Glad you asked. White isn’t just that safe go-to color anymore my friends. It’s so much more than that. White is the color of endless possibilities. A chance to discover something once lost. It’s never boring. Always on trend. Simple and modern. White has that power to make any space feel majestic and magnificent. Most importantly, you’ll never regret choosing white. Because our influence has always been directly attributed to the modernity of Scandinavian design, we wanted the entryway to not only be the first impression of our space, but the introduction to our home as a whole. So we aimed for functional, simple and honest. What you see is what you get! So, here is what we did with the overall space: 1. Colour Needless to say, I was more than excited to paint our entryway with  Alabaster (FYI white is one of my favorite colors people)! We decided to paint the banister, since it was the main source for sore eyes. Which by the way, is a wonderful compliment to other shades of white. Our walls are painted Incredible White (SW 7028), which is great for setting a warm ambience to any space. Combining it... read more

DIY Modern Gold + Wood Votive

Alright friends, I’m pretty excited about today’s post! I’ve teamed up with Porch and 8 other amazing bloggers to share DIY projects for Thanksgiving all under $30. Pretty fun, right? And if you’re visiting from The Blissful Bee – welcome! So thrilled you are here!  First, I have to admit that our Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone already and I kind of have my Christmas stuff out already! Eek! But this DIY Modern Gold + Wood Votive will work just as well for any holiday tabletop – including Thanksgiving! Materials Waddle 2-1/4″ Pine Round Bun Foot Wood Table Legs Sandpaper  Damp Cloth Acrylic Paint  Painters Tape  Pliers Drill and Forstner Bit Candles Instructions 1. Remove the old rod using pliers.  2. Drill a hole into the center of your wood, using the drill and a forstner bit that is the same width as your candle.  3. Lightly sand and wipe wood clean.  4. Tape off sections if you want a fun design or to protect paint from dripping in areas you do not wish to paint. Apply first layer of paint. Allow to dry in between each coat. 5. Remove tape. Simply place your candle into the drilled hole and enjoy!  I decided to paint two – one black and gold, but you can choose any color! To keep the project under $30, you may just want to stick to one. I love the mixture of raw wood and a bit of metallic, color or both! It’s certainly perfect for your holiday tabletop, a shelf or even windowsill to add a pop of color and a festive touch.  For more fun... read more

DIY Scandinavian-inspired Centerpiece

Sometimes, it feels nice to dress up the table for the holidays. As a host, I feel a lot fancier and experienced than I really am – tee hee. And dressing up the table is really not as hard as it seems. You need a few items on hand and a little time.  Be sure to head on over to Curbly for the how-to and come on back to let me know what you think. Does it look ok?!  XOXO,... read more

The Entryway Makeover | Before

The entryway is where first impressions are made. And if it’s true that first impressions never die, let’s hope it’s a good one! Our entryway definitely had an impact when you first walked in, but it wasn’t a good one. The floors were outdated, the walls were a light green and the banister. Oh, the banister. A clean oak wood, with dark forest green posts, I’m sure it was meant to look modern and unique. But really, it translated as confused and a bit tacky. There was so much going on in such a small space, it was sure to overwhelm all who stepped into our door.  When you try to make your home feel cohesive and smooth flowing, it was always interrupted by our entryway. Something had to be done and quick. But you guys, if I haven’t said it before loud and clear – let me say it again! Paint. And as always, Sherwin-Williams is that super hero that flies in and saves the day.  Boy, does paint give a space that magical touch. So, here was the overall plan: 1. Install new flooring.  2. Paint walls. 3. Remove forest green posts and paint banisters a solid color. 4. Change out lighting.  5. Keep decor clean and simple.  With this is mind, we were more than motivated to start the entryway makeover. Let me be honest, stripping the paint off the posts took us TWO days. It was so incredibly intense and I lost a lot of my enthusiasm. I just kept thinking, what have we started. Because if you’ve done renovations or makeovers before, you’ll know they are always... read more

DIY Faux Mercury Glass Vases

As much as I love to go out and shop for new holiday decor, it’s always nice to come up with ways to create those pieces in the comfort of your own home. I created these very easy-to-make DIY faux mercury glass vases to spice up your holiday decor this season!   For simple instructions and more pretty pictures – head to Curbly!!  XOXO,... read more

Grid Patterned Tablecloth

Recently, my sweet friend Audrey launched a collection of beautiful, bold and colorful patterns! She made them available in various forms, such as fabric, removable wallpaper and gift wrap for your home and DIYs. I contacted her right away because I absolutely fell in love with her large scale grid pattern, which is super trendy this year. I put my order in and it came just in time for the holidays – this baby was going to be my main tablecloth for hosting holiday get-togethers and dinners.  I measured my table and made sure the length and width would work. When it arrived, the size was perfect. I just did a little trimming on the sides, sewed the edges and just like that, I have a gorgeous new tablecloth!  This pattern screams Scandinavian to me – I love the black and white! You can’t really find this pattern anywhere. IKEA has one, but it’s in grey, the pattern is super tiny and it has a border  around it. This is clean, modern and EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. So happy Audrey created patterns that are affordable and easily accessible!  The dining room is kind of the room I spend the most time in. I host a lot of game nights and dinners here. I work from home, so this is usually my office area because I can spread everything out. It’s also my studio where I get a lot of great light and take all my pictures in this space. Because I love Scandinavian design mixed with a little earthy Bohemian vibe, this pattern really grounds the room. It... read more

Scandinavian Style Christmas Card Holder

Let the Christmas posts begin! Too soon? Nah. Every year, it seems I’m the last one to get family pictures taken. The last one to order Christmas cards. And let’s be honest, the first one scrambling to hand them out to family and friends (because it’s too late to mail them out). I can never seem to get ahead, but this year was going to be different! I put a lot of effort into planning ahead! We got our family pictures taken during Thanksgiving and I ordered my Christmas cards as soon as our family pictures arrived. Which means, I had time to put some thought into a fun and creative way to hand them out to family and close friends this year, rather than just the norm. I decided to create a fun Scandinavian style Christmas card holder.  Materials Pine Wood Table Saw (or Circular Saw – which you can rent!) Sand Paper Damp Cloth Painters tape Paint Paint brush Hot glue gun Photo metal clips (I found mine at Michael’s) Directions Trace your house shape onto the piece of pine.  Using your table saw (or circular saw), carefully cut out the shape.  Sand the edges and wipe the excess dust using a damp cloth.  Tape off sections of your house-shape to create a fun design.  Paint your house and allow to dry completely in between coats.  Carefully remove tape.  Using a hot glue gun, attach the metal clip to the center of your house.   Press your clip firmly into the glue until it is completely secured. Clip your Christmas card onto the house and enjoy!  These little houses... read more

Introducing The Holiday Collective

Happy Novemeber friends! And what a treat I have for you. I am so thrilled to introduce to you The Holiday Collective: a pop-up blog made up of 24 passionate and insanely talented women who are just as crazy about the holidays as I am. Throughout the next couple months, each of us will be contributing to this very exciting blog – lots of holiday inspiration and easy-to-do DIYs!  I am blessed and ever so lucky to be part of this amazing group. These are some of the best bloggers out there you guys, so you really are in for a treat! Be sure to follow The Holiday Collective on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what is going on and when! To celebrate the launch of such an epic event, I put up my Christmas tree last night. Maybe it’s a bit too early for you and that’s ok. For now, you can treat yourselves to this list of AMAZING blogs to check out – all of which are participating:  Damask Love | Idle Hands Awake | This Heart of Mine Delineate Your Dwelling | This Little Street | Brepurposed   The Merrythought | Dream Green DIY | Lovely Indeed   Hey There, Home | The Sweetest Occasion | Fall For DIY  Design Improvised | A Bubbly Life | The Proper Blog  Shrimp Salad Circus | Alice & Lois | Lulu the Baker  Pars Caeli | A Girl Named PJ | Lines Across Tell Love and Party | Make and Tell | Squirrelly Minds This is truly the most wonderful time of year – would you agree?!  XOXO, Lidy  ... read more

It’s the Weekend – Happy Halloween!

It’s the weekend, but not just any weekend. It’s Halloween weekend, which means seeing our cute kids in cute costumes and eating their candy. Just kidding. Kind of.  This year, our kids wanted to pick out there costumes. I really enjoyed watching them choose the things that expressed who they were as individuals. Holden wanted to be a “Hero” and picked a firefighter. Violet wanted to be a “Traffic Light”!!!! I thought this was hilarious. But then, she saw a fairy costume and decided she would rather be a “Tooth Fairy”. Maybe next year she can be the traffic light. Sebastian is obsessed with Paw Patrol, so this year he is “Marshall”, who happens to be a firefighter dog. Wouldn’t you know, all the costumes have a theme! Firefighter boy, firefighter dog and the Tooth Firey. Get it? Here are some links to check out this weekend: I definitely will be referring to this Ultimate Guide to Halloween Candy this weekend! I love me some bling and I think these DIY Glitter Rings would make great stocking stuffer surprises this year!  I love where this Modern and Vintage Office Space is going and there’s a giveaway!  We are SO doing this next year. These DIY Space Family Costumes are so impressive. WOW!  Cutest Kids Table Makeover – a great project to do this weekend!  XOXO, Lidy  ... read more

Simple Eucalyptus Arrangement

I haven’t done a plant series in a couple weeks, but today I decided to focus on another kind of green! When it comes to florals, I’m a real simple kind of gal. A matter of fact, you can just ditch the flowers and give me the greenery and I’ll be just as happy!  I’ve always loved eucalyptus – of every kind. So I decided to put together a really simple arrangement for our home. It adds the perfect amount of color to the room, especially against the black walls. I even love the shape of the arrangement, as it stretches out quite a bit. It’s perfect for Halloween and and even after that!  This winter and leading into Christmas, I’m really hoping to keep my decor minimal and clean. But still have a bit of fun with it for the kids. I’m really wanting to bring in A LOT of greenery to act as my decor this year. I have some fun ideas, but we will see if it works. I might have to get some tips and pointers from my local florist.  How about you – what kind of arrangements do you gravitate toward? XOXO, Lidy... read more
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