Color Dipped DIY Wall Art

Happy Monday! Be sure to head on over to DIY Candy today where I’ll be sharing this fabulous Color Dipped DIY Wall Art. It’s the perfect way to modernize a thrifted piece for the home!   Be sure to let me know what you think!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

DIY Gold Dipped Mirror

Hey friends! Did you get a chance to see my DIY Gold Dipped Mirror over on Craftaholics Anonymous? If not, be sure to head over there and let me know what you think!  This DIY is super simple and delivers great results for amping up that old mirror. I also used this mirror in my Studio Apartment Before and After project, which helps my friend’s space really come to life! What do you think? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Two Rugs | Two Looks

As we are preparing to move, the wheels in my head are spinning! I can’t wait to create a fun space in our home that is truly “us”! I decided to create two room designs based on two rugs: bold and neutral. And at  Wayfair, there are so many to choose from to suit any budget!  Mirror / Art / Lighting / Couch / Pillows / Coffee Table / Basket.  Our style is very much mid century inspired with modern accents. I like the idea of incorporating classic pieces, with current trends. It helps keep everything feeling balanced! But the thing that really ties it altogether are the rugs. I love the idea of a bold rug! Especially the deep blue and geometric design of this one! It compliments the other accent colors and layout of the space. Plus, I have a love for blue right now! I also love the idea of a neutral rug to keep the other accents more of the focal point. Moroccan rugs in particular are very trendy right now and there are so many different variations to choose from! They aren’t too boring, which helps keep the room flowing nicely and this one would be great!  I still have some serious deciding to do, but I wanted to give you all an opportunity to do a little rug shopping yourselves! How does 15% off of all area rugs sound?! ALL area rugs people!! Simply use the promo code RUGLUV29 and you can have the rug of your dreams! Believe me, you’ll want to jump on this opportunity – it’s only good from 7/31 to 8/4, so act soon!  The truth is, Wayfair hardly ever gives out special promo codes. Have... read more

DIY Marbled Glasses

Hey friends! You can find me over at Style Me Pretty today sharing these DIY marbled glasses – perfect for summer! It’s a fun way to serve fancy drinks at any party or even a family BBQ. You can play around with the pattern and color to make it more unique and your own! Be sure to come back and let me know what you think!  Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

New Beginnings | New Home

I have some amazing news! Our house sold! As spectacular as it sounds, it was also very bitter sweet. We didn’t even put it on market and a lovely family expressed their interest in our home and the rest is history. We’ve signed the papers and are just getting a few things out of the way. We should be all moved out by the end of August. I have loved this home of ours the last 6 years. It’s charm can never be replaced, the memories truly priceless! But I have peace leaving it, knowing that a wonderful family will be moving in and making even more great new memories! Not to mention, we have a photographer from LA coming the end of this week to photograph our space to be featured – which I will share more details soon. For now, you’ll have to live in suspense! It will be a nice way to remember this home for years to come and have it documented in a sense.  After our home sold, we were a little worried (naturally) about where we were going to be moving. We knew we would be in Canada by the end of August / beginning of September, but buying a home is SO stressful. ESPECIALLY when you are doing it from another country. Seriously. We looked at a few online, but it’s so hard to tell what it really looks like judging just by pictures. Although there were many we were willing to purchase, there was one particular house that just felt right. It looked like the perfect home for our family of five (and... read more

Forever And Always

Today is the day. The day we’ve been waiting for for almost two years. Seems so long ago now, yet just like yesterday. They were two wide-eyed, innocent little babies. They looked at us with wonder. We were so very unfamiliar to them. More strange faces in more strange places.  And to be honest, when we first got placement of our son and daughter, we didn’t know if we wanted to keep them. It sounds mean now, but back then we were legitimately terrified! We never planned for two kids so fast. We never planned for them to be that old. We cried. We prayed. We laughed and smiled. And cried some more. We prayed for a loud gong to be a sign that we were making the right choice. But there was nothing but a whisper of breeze. We met some amazing families during that time at our church who had walked the same path we found ourselves on. And I will never forget the words that signaled loud and clear that our kids were just where they needed to be. I remember they looked right at Joel and I, with such confidence:  “You can do this. It will be hard. It will be scary. But it’s no coincidence they found their way in your home. In your arms. You aren’t doing this alone. Don’t be afraid.”  And day after day, month after month I would tell myself…. We can do this… We can do this… We can do this… And we did. I realized quickly that when you “plan” to adopt, all your ideas and expectations are just fluff. God has something... read more

Thrifty Finds | Brass Leaf Dishes

Anytime we visit a flea market or thrift store, my eyes always seem to gravitate toward all the shiny metallics. Especially if they are those unique pieces you don’t come across everyday. When my eye caught site of these brass leaf dishes, I scooped them up right away!  I love them together as a sort of mini collection. They would be cute used as jewelry organizers for rings and bracelets on a dresser. They also look perfect as is, with their intricate designs!  They have all sorts of potential! So happy we came across these and perhaps we will find some more like them down the road someday! We will see!  What’s your favorite find lately? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

Stationary And Gifts That Inspire From Compendium

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite stationary and gifts that inspire me to think about staying organized in a stylish way! As we are preparing to move back to Canada in a few weeks, I am dreaming up a space where I can work on my blog in a more professional setting. These pieces by Compendium truly help me stay focused and on task!  Naturally, I’m attracted to the modern designs and bright pops of color in this collection. These pieces would make great additions to any office space and amazing gifts for friends and family!  I love the geometric patterns and pops of gold from these stationary pieces. They are both trendy and functional, which somehow help me stay organized – go figure! For my blog, I love to have journals that I can quickly jot down ideas for home projects, room design ideas and DIYs! Each journal has a fabulous burst of color and inspirational quote, which I need to read from time to time. I just love the green journal and the quote on the blue: “Take Epic Chances”. Aren’t they beautiful?!  I try to keep a good stock of cards that I can grab for those birthday celebrations, baby showers, anniversaries and special events in time of need. I am so forgetful and often run out of time to grab one, so I depend on these fabulous cards to save me in those instances! They are so fun and come with all kinds of clever quotes and sayings.  Also, these inspirational pop-open cards are so adorable! They would make great gifts also, but I kind of like them for myself. When I’m feeling a lack... read more

Rental Studio Apartment | Before And After

Our sweet friend Lindsey just moved into her new studio apartment this week! So exciting! She asked me to help her find a simple design solution for her space. Because it’s a studio apartment, everything blends together: the bedroom, dining and living space. We wanted to create something that flowed and worked seamlessly together. We also wanted to use items that were mainly hand-me-downs and thrifted! This was such a fun challenge for me and I think the end result worked perfectly for her. Here are a few before shots of the space I was working with: I told you it was a small space! But I’m so excited to share with you the end result. It’s amazing how much bigger the space feels and how everything has completely transformed. The most important thing is, it screams Lindsey!  This was my first experimental design project, outside my home. It had it’s challenges, but I’m glad it stretched me in that way. I had to think outside of my realm of design and comfort zones and go beyond all that. I really had to get into the shoes of my client and out of my own head. There are a few things I would still like to do, like her bedroom area! Perhaps add a nice shelving unit, some fun art for the walls and a bit more color and texture. For now I decided to show you how we created a warm, cozy and eclectic space! It’s fun, colorful and perfectly sweet – which is exactly how I would describe Lindsey. So I would say this design project was a... read more
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