Flora and Fauna Party Planning

It’s that time of year again! Soon we will be heading into the month of MAY, if you can believe it! This is a big month, since we are celebrating two special birthdays: our daughter and then our oldest son! This year, we decided to go with a girly and whimsical theme for Violet: Flora and Fauna!  I’ve gathered my essentials to make this party a success! I strongly believe the the more organized you are, the less stressed you will be! I’m feeling super excited to throw this party! The colors are bright, happy and feminine! I can’t believe she will be THREE next week already! Excuse me while I wipe away some tears…they just grow up too fast! Like last year, I went with Minted party supplies to help celebrate our daughter’s special day! They have the greatest selection of modern themes! I went with the Guapa Party Decor! I thought it was perfect for our flora and fauna idea, I loved the vibrant colors and whimsical design! It just seemed so Violet!  It will be an intimate event with our closest friends and family! Which means we can relax and let the kids play, while we all chat and eat! I know I get a lot of flak from some family that our parties are a bit boring because all we do is sit around. But when you have young toddlers, trying to organize some sort of game or craft is just not going to happen! Or rather, it’s not worth the stress! I would prefer the kids run around and be free to play with... read more

House Tour: Main Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of those rooms I’m not super excited about showing off in our home tour. I don’t know if it’s because they always seem so dingy and dark, but after our makeover I am pretty excited to share it! We repainted and laid new tile, which has made a world of difference! The white walls and light floor help the room feel light and bright! It kind of feels like a little spa in our home, which I can’t complain about! I added a few vintage pieces to help the room feel a little warmer – I love our new 70s macrame on the wall! And of course, some custom lighting (DIY coming soon!).  What do you think of this small space?! Be sure to check out our fun Magazine Rack we also added to the room!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Spring Geometric Banner

Hey friends! Today I’m over at Craftaholics Anonymous sharing this fun Spring Geometric Banner! It’s a great way to get your home feeling fresh and modern for the holidays!  I am loving this plastic canvas, it creates great texture and it’s a lot of fun to play around with! There are so many fun colors to choose from, but I decided to go with some nice pastels for spring!  Be sure to head on over to CA for the full tutorial! Let me know what do you think of this look for spring?!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

DIY Wood and Metal Magazine Rack

Who doesn’t need a good magazine rack?! I know we have plenty of reading materials in this house that need a home, besides being stacked in random places. So, we decided to do a little project! My husband worked on a few designs until he found the one that worked best! He welded the piece together and spray painted the frame white to give it a modern look. We also put some fantastic multi-faceted wood knobs to complete the look, inspired by these of course!  We wall mounted the rack to keep the kids from making a mess, mostly our one year old who loves to tear pages out of books these days. It’s really helped clean up the clutter around here!  I love how it fits in seamlessly with the rest of the  crisp white room! It’s the perfect place to display all my favorite reads and adds a bit more function to the space. Be sure to come back for our tour of the rest of our main bath next week!  What do you think of our new DIY magazine rack? I’ll be sure to share another version we made for the living room soon! Happy Friday friends!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Designer Insights

I’m excited to team up with Terrys Blind’s today, a company based in the UK! I was honored to be a part of their Designer Insights and have a little feature on their blog! Be sure to head over there for more tips and advice from other interior designers across the web!   I love opportunities like this, they allow me to open up about my passion for interior design and my hopes to one day be able to do more with it! I’ve been interested in this field for so long, I’m sure you can tell just from reading my blog alone. It’s hard to remember a time I was never designing or decorating something! I am currently working on a portfolio online for potential clients to view. For now, my home is my canvas and I have a lot of fun using our space to implement my design ideas! I’m excited to pursue some fun job opportunities in Canada, but until then you can read all about what inspires me during my creative process! For interior design or styling inquiries, feel free to email me at hellolidyblog@gmail.com!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

Get The Look / Living Room Edition

I’ve shared most of my home tour with you (still have a couple more rooms to reveal)! I wanted to go beyond that and share with you my six essentials to each room , how I came up with that design and how you can achieve the same look! Starting in the living room!   Brass Lamp (buy or DIY) / Botanical Poster / Blue Velvet Pillow / Plywood Chair / Cowhide Rug / Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree I love our living room space! I try to keep it fresh and modern, with little touches of vintage inspired decor. These six pieces really bring life and character to the space. I wanted to be bold with the colors  and decor I chose to bring in to our home. Of course, leaving the walls a crisp white helps keep everything on an even playing ground.  I am all about texture – in every room for that matter – so you might hear me talking about that a lot! I’m all about layering rugs to keep the space even more interesting! Plants are also a great way to help make any space feel clean and organic!  I’ve talked about how my blog has started to shift it’s focus to three core areas: design, decor and DIYs! I’ve noticed a lot of traffic coming in lately from home decor sites and I think that’s a good indication that we are on the right track! I am so thrilled! I hope you enjoy this post and if you are ever interested in my design style or want to know more about where I... read more

Rachel Brown Prints

On Sunday, we headed to LA for the day to hit up the Melrose Trading Post flea market! It was the perfect weather for treasure hunting and I’m already itching to go back! I even ran into Kelly from Studio DIY, which is HUGE for me people! I’ve been following her blog and Instagram for some time now (totally not creepy or anything…)! She was absolutely adorable and so sweet! Sigh… Well, naturally we found some fabulous things to bring home, including these gorgeous watercolor prints by Rachel Brown! I was instantly attracted to all her pieces, each one was so unique and beautiful. I knew we had to take a couple home, it was impossible to choose! We decided to go for a more neutral palette. I have always had a soft spot for llamas! I mean, looking at his little face just makes me smile and even giggle a little. They are so cute, but so odd at the same time! And of course, feathers are pretty awesome (she even threw  in that gorgeous Zebra – she was the sweetest!). I didn’t waste any time putting these prints up on the wall! I think they go perfect with every room in our home, they are just so versatile! I only wish I grabbed a few more! There were some larger prints that were really fun…including flamingos!!! I love her use of color! They really are the perfect piece to bring into your home to give it personality and a little character! Art is always  a great investment and you can never go wrong. I think we have... read more

Macrame Makeover

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching too many episodes of Mad Men or what, but I’m just loving everything 60s right now! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect macrame wall hanging for months now and just haven’t any luck! Then, my amazing hubby returned back from Canada with this thrifted goodness! I. Am. In. Love. I decided to give this vintage piece a modern touch with an easy fix!  What you need: Macrame (vintage or DIY) Copper Pipe in the length you need Copper Caps Copper Wire What to do: 1. Gather your supplies 2. Clean your copper well so that you don’t get any residue on your beautiful piece 3.  Slide through your macrame loops 4. Put your caps on at either end 5. Center your macrame piece 6. Take your copper wire and create a little loop 7. Place at the center of your copper pipe and secure  8. Hang and enjoy!  The copper is a great update to this vintage piece! It really compliments the color of the macrame. It also creates fabulous contrast to the fibrous texture!  I am beyond thrilled that we came across this piece, it is everything I’ve been looking for. My husband just knows me too well! And wouldn’t you know it, I happened to come across another macrame piece a few days later at the thrift store! Do you like this Macrame trend? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Better Things Ahead

Firstly, thank you friends for your sweet words and support after I opened up and shared my struggles with you last week. It was a scary thing for me to be honest in that way, I was afraid of judgement and hurtful words. I do have to admit, I had only one response from someone that claimed I was making a public complaint just to gain sympathy. But for the most part, I had nothing but loving support. I realize there will always be people who don’t know me in the slightest and I suddenly realized how easy it is to let go of those kinds of hurtful people. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  It’s inevitable that hardships are unavoidable. We will face them periodically in our lives. Whether it be jobs, family, health, finances. We will all hit a wall that we are afraid we won’t be able to climb over. But the thing is, we will. We always do. My husband and I have been going through some of the hardest things imaginable, aside from our adoption. A matter of fact, our adoption is nothing in comparison to the latest events in our life. I came across this great C.S. Lewis quote the other day, ” There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind”.  Last night I finally had to just let people go. Release them into the unknown future. Be at peace with letting fruitless relationships die and not feel guilty about it. We can’t spend a life time convincing people to love us, it should just happen. And if... read more

Gold Dipped Swan Planter

Yep, this little guy is straight out of the 80s! But I love unique planters to display in our home and the color of this porcelain swan was a little enticing. For a $1, I wasn’t as afraid to commit to the pink! Besides,  dip anything in gold (check this out!) and it magically becomes something awesome! What you will need: Planter Gold Spray Paint Small Plant What to do: 1. Head outside and gather your supplies 2. Tape and cover half of the planter so that only one side will get spray painted with the gold 3. Start to spray paint your planter, letting it dry completely between each coat 4. Carefully peel the tape and remove the covering after your paint is dry. Transfer the plant into your planter and enjoy!  I love how this little guy got a small makeover just by a quick coat of paint! The pop of gold and pink make the planter a bit more modern! Plants are a great way to make any space feel fresh and appealing! I think we have about 7 house plants now…I’m a bit of an addict!  I’m thinking this might look really cute in sweet Violet’s room too! What do you think about taking old items like this swan and giving them a new look for the home?! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more
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