Spring Tissue Paper Flower

To me, springtime means flowers! So, I decided to create my own flowers using some tissue paper! Technically, it’s an Easter egg tissue paper banner I got from the dollar store. When I bought it, I thought it would be cute when I opened it up, but to my horror it wasn’t at all. So, I decided to give it a new purpose!  What you will need: Tissue Paper (in any color) Gold leaf  Tape Skewer  What to do: 1. Gather your supplies and head outside! 2. Take your tissue paper and fold together. Cut out an oval shape at the top (or, if you can find this Easter egg garland!). Roll your tissue paper 3. Carefully dip into the gold leaf (do not shake the gold lead ahead of time) 4. You should have a two toned color on the tips of your  tissue paper. Unravel and let dry completely. Not shown: When your tissue paper has completely dried, start on one side and begin to roll the bottom of your tissue paper to the other end. You should begin to see your flower take shape. Secure the end with tape. Fluff and separate to give your flower more shape. Use a skewer as the stem and place in the center of your bloom. Simply display! You can easily make several of these for a more dramatic look! I think I may need to head back to the dollar store!  Because the gold leaf is oil based, it created that beautiful pink color and just a bit of that gold on the edges. It creates gorgeous depth and... read more

Mid Century Dresser Turned Mini Buffet

A while back, I mentioned that we were thinking of replacing our old dining room buffet for something smaller and more mid century. I’ve been trying to keep my eyes peeled for something that felt right and although there is a lot out there, nothing stuck out to me. Then I spotted this Broyhill Sculptra Dresser! Yes, dresser.  There is something to be said about mid century furniture! I’m particularly attracted to the streamline pieces, with simple patterns and shapes. I don’t want anything too elaborate or fancy. This was perfect! The lines are so clean and straight, not to mention the legs!  The color of the wood is also perfect, it’s not too dark or light. It stands out nicely with the white walls and neutral pieces! Most of all, it was so cheap!   Although its purpose is to be used as a dresser, I decided we could use it as a side buffet to hold place mats, hot mats, table cloths, the kids bibs, extra serving ware and a few other pieces that can be more easily accessible. The top drawers will be great to help organize mail, so it’s not piling up on the table. Although, I need to make sure it doesn’t just become another dreaded junk drawer!  If all else fails, we can always use it as a dresser again! For now, I don’t want it to be hidden in any of the rooms. It’s just such a beautiful piece! This is definitely an alternative to a credenza or china cabinet! If you are looking for a smaller piece to serve a good... read more

Pineapple Finds

I have to admit, I haven’t always been a fan of pineapples. But this fall, my husband and I came across some beautiful mid century brass pineapples at a flea market. I instantly fell in love with the pair and ever since then, we have been starting a little collection! We have a nice mixture of mid century finds with modern pineapple pieces! It’s the perfect balance! Here are a few of my favorite pineapple finds!  DIY Pineapple Clock / Black and White Pineapple Art / Pineapple Decals Geometric Pineapple Pillow / Brass Pineapple / Teak Pineapple Dishes Pineapple Lamp / Colorful Pineapple Print  So far, we have been lucky enough to have found the brass pineapples and teak dishes! I also found a beautiful porcelain pineapple at Home Goods and I would love to get a fun print for the house! Are you a fan of this look? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

Copper And Gold Geometric Wooden Eggs

The other day I shared some super easy Copper Wrapped Easter Eggs. But if that wasn’t interesting enough for you, I decided to branch off of that and show you another alternative Easter egg DIY: Copper and Gold Geometric Wooden Eggs.  What you will need: Tape  Spray Paint Wooden Eggs What to do: 1. Follow these directions 2. Take your spray paint (I used copper and gold) cover your wooden egg. You may need more than one coat (I used two) 3. Let the paint dry completely, then slowly peel away the tape 4. Display your fun Easter eggs!  I love the modern touch it brings to the space with the geometric patterns and metallic colors! It fits right in with the rest of our decor. I love the traditional Easter color palettes (like pastels), but I don’t have anything in our home that  would match that color scheme. I like to have my holiday decor blend in naturally!  This would look great with any color though, so you can’t go wrong! I love how the wood is still peaking out a bit as well. Gives it a lot more texture! How are you decorating your eggs this year, if at all? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

Gallery Wall Reveal With Minted

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Last week I shared our DIY Danish Inspired Modular Shelving, but I was wanting to bring in more color and texture into our living area. Naturally, the best way to accomplish this is through colorful and detailed prints! Thanks to Minted, I was able to find the perfect pieces for our home. They tie everything together so seamlessly!  I knew I wanted to do a gallery wall of sorts, but in a way I’ve never seen a whole lot of before. I’ve seen great examples of accomplishing this look, such as a multitude of prints to really bring in the “wow” factor or even designed around your television.  There are a million ideas out there, so I really took some time to think about how I wanted to go about it.  I finally decided to work around our shelving unit and pick out specific pieces I knew would work nicely with our decor. I didn’t want to take away from the design of the shelf (my hubby just worked too hard on it), so I thought I would create a gallery wall to feel part of the design! I think we were able to accomplish this and I am in love with the new look it brings to our room as a whole!  The hardest part for me was picking the prints! Minted has such a great collection of limited edition art, I  really wanted to find the pieces that were “us” and would be great for our home in years to come. I finally decided on a few that... read more

Copper Wrapped Easter Eggs

If you haven’t noticed, I try to make the holidays as modern and simple as I can muster. I always want to have a little festive touch in the house, but in a way that will work and blend well with our decor! I decided to create these simple and modern Easter eggs, with a touch of bling!  What you will need: Copper foil tape Wooden eggs (or any material you prefer) What to do: 1. Collect your copper foil tape and wooden easter eggs 2. Begin to wrap the copper tape around your wooden egg, pressing firmly so it sticks nicely to the wood surface 3. Continue to create a design that you like, I kept mine simple and not too busy 4. Display your modern Easter eggs and enjoy – it’s so easy!  I love the pop of copper on the shelves! Because I love the look of wood and metal, I decided against painting my eggs. You could easily spray paint them a nice pastel color or even flat black and then wrap the copper foil for a little bit of a different look.  This is one way you can be festive this Easter, without having to gravitate toward all the traditional colors you see (although, there are some amazing colorful DIY Easter egg tutorials out there that I’m loving!). I do have another Easter egg DIY coming soon as well. Perhaps I will use a pop of color then! For now, what do you think of this simple Easter egg DIY? XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Perfect Boots For Spring

I know back home in Canada, the snow is slowly starting to melt and spring is beginning to make it’s entrance. In California, we are pretty lucky to have spring-like weather every day! But regardless of where you live, the perfect spring boot is a must!  I am absolutely in love with this British based company, Joules! They offer some of the best selection of clothing, including these gorgeous Meadow Green Larkdale Womens Canvas Wellies! If you haven’t noticed, they are crazy about color and details!  I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of visiting Britian and learning more about their amazing heritage and visiting some of the most beautiful landscapes and castles I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, I am a huge, HUGE fan of Downton Abbey (as I’m sure you are too). So, if wearing some super cute wellies is as close as I’m going to get for now, I’ll take it!  I chose this Welly because of the beautiful countryside scene. I feel like I’m wearing art on my feet, it’s spectacular! Because of their durability and amazing quality, I’m not afraid to splash in puddles, get them wet or dare I say, dirty?! And yes, occasionally we do get rain and chilly weather!! They are just made to be worn and enjoyed!  Jacket / Tee / Skinny Jean / Studs / Welly These will be perfect all spring long! I love pairing them with comfy jeans, a relaxed top, a trendy jacket and basic jewelry! Best part is, I can wear them almost all year round when we return to Canada next year! Because let’s face it, it’s no... read more

DIY Danish Inspired Modular Shelving

It’s no surprise that my husband and I love Scandinavian and mid-century design! You’ve heard it all before, I’m sure. We have been slowly filling our home the last couple years with quite a few lovely pieces, like our dresser and Eames Rocker! We’ve been drooling over the amazing shelving units floating around the web, but had a hard time finding anything in our budget. So, we decided to make our own!  It took some planning, but we finally came up with a design that we loved. We wanted the shelving unit to be clean, simple and modern, which I think we achieved. The natural wood and white hardware fit in nicely with the rest of the living room decor. Our previous floating shelves always felt awkward and the placement was getting too old for me. But it was permanent, there was no way of moving those shelves! What I love the most about our new shelving unit is the versatility we get with the design. We can change the layout at any time, by simply moving the brackets and unlatching the shelf. I am going to have so much fun decorating these shelves, it just feels great having space to display all our little decor pieces! We are still in the process of building modular cabinets to install and add to our shelving unit.  Now that the shelves are up, I am looking for ways to utilize the shelving and wall space. I need some art and a few more colorful pieces to add – what do you think? Be sure to keep an eye out for the... read more

The Hardest Part about Being a Blogger: Bullying

Yes, you read it. Bullying. I know I open up a lot about our adoption on my blog. I open myself up and try to be as honest as possible with my readers, because to every person there is a story. And if you hear that story, you start to know them on a deeper level, more than just skin deep. But what you don’t see are behind the scenes. The words you hear, the actions you feel, the damage that is caused all due to being open, creative and authentic.  I decided to share with you why I blog. The reason why I do what I do and what is the hardest part about being a blogger.  I started blogging four years ago because I’ve always been an outgoing and bubbly person. So naturally,  when blogging became a huge thing, it felt right to want to start one up. It was an outlet and a way to grow. It was an avenue to create and experiment. And I am so happy that I have this blog more than ever, because it helps me share my struggles and stories with others that I know need to hear the truth about how painful life can be. The DIYs and decor posts are areas my husband and I are passionate about. It would be unnatural not to want to share it with others. Not to mention,  connecting with brands and the amazing people behind those brands. They are some of the most brilliant and creative folks I’ve met and they continue to inspire me! It’s such a blessing to be able... read more

DIY Geometric Pineapple Clock

Hello friends! Today I’m over at Wayfair’s Idea Lounge! Be sure to head over there and check out the tutorial for this adorable DIY Geometric Pineapple Clock!  I love this graphic and geometric addition to our home – let me know what you think!!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more
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