DIY Triangle Stamped Pillow

Happy Monday friends! Today I am so excited for two different reasons! The first being, we get to bring home our little two month old foster son today! Secondly, I finally finished a pillow that I now get to share with you! Obviously I am way more excited about the third addition to our family, but this pillow was a nice distraction while I was waiting for our little guy to arrive.  I am starting to appreciate textile design more and more these days! I love the idea of creating my own pattern, using various techniques and materials. A good friend of mine sent a text one day of how her friend created the most ADORABLE triangle stamped leggings for her little ones. I couldn’t stop thinking about it since then, so I went and got the supplies and decided to make a pillow instead!  What you will need: Fabric paint (in any color) Basic sponge Scissors Paint brush Plain fabric (any color)   Take your sponge and cut any shape you would like. I chose a triangle because I love this shape the most and it kind of goes with some other pillows I made not too long ago! Pour your fabric paint into a container and using a paint brush, paint one side of the sponge evenly. Press firmly to your fabric for a few seconds and lift up off your fabric carefully. Repeat this step until you need to reapply the paint to the sponge. This should create depth to your pattern by having varying shades of black as it wears off each time you press... read more

The Great Unknown

I know it’s been a  long time since I last updated you on our adoption story. For that, I am sorry. To be honest, my hearts been so heavy I never knew where to start and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about it. Our adoption has been moving a long as it should be, just painfully slow. And to top it off, things have gotten more complicated. Tomorrow I am scheduled to meet with a group of people involved in this whole process and I may be coming home with our third, sweet baby. Yes, tomorrow we might no longer be that family of four I’ve been talking about the last 8 months.  Our hearts have been ready for this for some time. Ever since we found out mom was pregnant, we decided we would keep as many of the siblings together as we could. We would take the baby in happily, if it meant they would be together. Still, nothing can ever prepare  you for when you go from 0 to 3 kids in under a year. I am excited and afraid all at the same time. I know we can do this, there’s just so much emotion invested into each and every one of our children. But I am hopeful. More hopeful than I’ve ever been, even as things continue to become more trivial.  Our future is part of the great unknown. I take it day by day. Sometimes minute by minute. And as life continues to give us curve balls, I clench tightly all the more. My eyes look up  to the... read more

Thrifty Finds: Collectables

Have you ever found yourself at a store, reaching for a shirt you know you have one just like it at home? Or another pillow you just don’t need? Sometimes, it’s good to know when enough is enough, but I think there is an exception to this rule! When you are dealing with collectables! That changes everything! Right?! The thing about collectables is it can’t just be t-shirts or pillows . It has to be something you value and something you’ll be interested in for years to come! When I go thrifting, I am always on the look out for vintage or antique owls. When you have a one year old daughter who adores them, how could you not. I tend to look for ones with personality, quirkiness and ones that are just plain cute!  Be sure to read the rest of Thursday’s Thrifty Find here! Happy Thrifting friends! XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... read more

DIY Faux Pottery Vases

I’m in love with the crisp look of white ceramic pottery vases! I like to mix and match sizes, shapes and textures! I’m realized though, that it’s something I could easily recreate myself. I can save myself a little money, while having fun! This is such a simple and fabulous project! What you will need: Glass bottle (or other vase-like item) Puff paint White paint (for a more hand-made look) or Spray paint (for a more clean porcelain look) Paint brush Begin by creating a fun design on your bottle using your puff paint. You can make simple patterns using dots, lines or other geometric elements. Let the puff paint dry completely. Paint over top the puff paint and let each layer dry (this may take a few coats, but every coat creates more great texture). You can also just spray paint the bottle (this will be quicker and you will get a very sleek look). Once the paint has dried, display some beautiful flowers on a shelf or on your kitchen table! Enjoy!  I personally liked the look of the painted vase. It created a fabulous texture layer after layer. It even started to crack in places, which made my vase look even more pottery-like! I have a few porcelain vases already, so I thought having one with a little bit of a texture would add a littler differentiation to the bunch.  This was so fun, I am planning on making a few more! I want to experiment more with the designs and see what else I can do with that puff paint! This would be great for... read more

Thrifty DIY: Two Toned Brass Squirrel

Today I’m sharing a great thrifty DIY over at Casey Lynn’s blog (from last week, mind you)! I am so excited, because now we can get our hands dirty and try to improve upon one of our thrifty finds! If you search your nearest second hand store, you might see a lot of brass decor pieces floating the shelves. Brass is coming back friends, so snag one you love! I found this cute little squirrel and I rather like him! I decided to improve him just a bit and give him a little modern appeal while leaving the retro feel intact. This is a very simple DIY and requires no experience when it comes to crafting. Be sure to head on over for the full post! Enjoy!  XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more

Dress United: Love For Tees

Everybody loves a good T-shirt! I know my husband has at least 30 of them in his closet, which is A LOT if you think about it. The thing is, they never go out of style and you can wear them anywhere and anytime! So, it’s only natural that they would make great gifts for yourself or for someone you love!  I am always on the look out for great companies to order t-shirts from and have experimented with a few. A couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make a fun little tee for a close friend of mine. I know she is a lover of tees (she wears them for work and play), so I knew she would love it! I customized a fun little design and ordered through a fabulous company: Dress United!  When I received my t-shirt only a few short days later, I was totally impressed by the quality! I was nervous my design would come out pixelated or distorted, but instead I was relieved to see it was in perfect condition!  What I loved about this company was the accessibility and simplicity of their site and design tools for creating my tee. I had a great selection of t-shirts to choose from, all at affordable prices. Not to mention, they guarantee that every shirt is individually checked by their staff to ensure that the images or text always look great! Which means, if you made an error with your design they are able and willing to fix it! There’s nothing worse than going through all the trouble of designing a print, uploading... read more

DIY Stenciled Tea Towels

Every crafter learns a new craft and I am so excited to share what I learned with you! Last weekend I went out of town for a women’s retreat. One of the evenings was an organized craft night where we learned to stencil using freezer paper! I have always wanted to learn, I even bought the freezer paper a year ago that’s still sitting on top of my fridge!! It looks a lot harder than it is – trust me!    What you will need: Freezer paper Pencil Monogram letter or design (to trace) X-acto knife (or if you’re lucky, a Cricut or Silhouette machine) Paint (Martha Stewart’s brand) Fabric Medium (Martha Stewart) Stencil paint brush Parchment paper Iron Tea towel (you can find them cheap at Ikea or even the dollar store) What to do: Trace out a letter or design you would like on your towel using your pencil and freezer paper. Carefully cut out the design using the X-acto knife. Be sure to have something placed underneath so you don’t cut through something important! Once your design is cut out, place the plastic side down and iron your stencil to the towel. Make sure no edges are lifted and the stencil is completely adhered to the towel. Choose which color of paint you would like to use on your design. I combined my colors to get an ombre effect. I used green and mint for the stag and peach and gold for my monogram letter. You will need two parts paint, one part fabric medium. Mix the two together until both are well blended. Dab the paint onto... read more

The Honest Company: Making The Switch In Your Home

I think we are all on the look out for products that are effective, but more than ever, environmentally friendly. I always had every intention of going green, but never made any committed changes.  My husband and I did what we could, but never sought out products we knew would be better for our family, home and environment. Until now, of course!  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 I recently made a huge switch in my home! Perhaps you have heard of The Honest Company? If not, you might have heard of the very beautiful Jessica Alba? Well, long story short Jessica and her cofounder Christopher decided it was high time to create a product that was “not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable“. From there, The Honest Company was born.  I decided to dip my toes, so to speak, into more natural products. I started in the kitchen, switching out my dishwashing detergent, dish soap, multi-purpose cleaners and floor cleaners for Honest products. I even discovered my new favorite dish brush made from renewable bamboo and plant bristles – how cool is that?! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the change! My dishes are just as clean, surfaces shiny and floors stick-free using this new eco-friendly product! I knew using natural products were better for you and the environment in the long run, but I just assumed they were less effective. Boy, was I wrong!! Not only am I making a smart change, but my house is sparkly and clean all the same! YAY!  I am so glad I switched my old products for Honest!... read more

Guest Post: DIY Tablecloth

Tablecloths are used for many purposes. Some want it to cover a table to make it look more elegant others want to add color and spice to a room. There are so many patterns, colors, and materials, there are endless possibilities of what one can do for their table. Making your own tablecloth at home is actually a simple process. It just requires a bit of thought beforehand. This can save you time from shopping around and can save you money. This can be done with little or no experience. Select What Type Of Fabric You Want The actual type of fabric will drive the entire look of the table and set the tone for the room your table will be set up in. The fabric also adds functionality to your table. It adds style and color. a) Cotton is used a lot for everyday purposes and is inexpensive. They are very popular so there are many options to choose from. They are also very durable. b) Polyester is also very popular and durable. They come in a variety of colors and patterns as well and best for outdoor parties. They can also be used for a semi-formal look because they are more silkier than cotton offering more elegance. c) Vinyls are great for outdoor use because they are weather resistant and clean up well. They are very inexpensive as well and come in variety of colors and patterns. d) Silk fabrics are an excellent choice for more formal gatherings like weddings. It’s more delicate so not for everyday use. They come in many colors as well as other... read more

Party! Russian Doll Themed Birthday

Hope you had a great weekend! I’m starting to plan my little girl’s 2nd birthday party! I am SO excited because this is her first birthday we get to celebrate with her. I want it to be fun and memorable, so there will be a lot of picture taking! I have been starting to pin some ideas on Pinterest and I am thinking of going with a Russian doll theme. I think they are so cute and something a little different! For me, they truly symbolize my sweet girl: she is beautiful in and out!  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 XOXO, Lidy Feel free to leave a comment! You can also follow Hello Lidy by email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter,... read more
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