DIY Painted Palm Pillow

Sooo, do you remember that DIY Painted Palm Planter I made the other day? Well, this is a little spin off! It’s such a basic pattern that works with the whole tropical trend that we all know and love.  Materials Pillow Cover (IKEA) Cushion (IKEA) Fabric Paint Paint Brush Instructions 1.Make sure your pillow cover isn’t too wrinkly, so you may want to give it a quick iron. Then, begin painting your palms on the cover in any pattern you choose.  2. Allow to dry according to the fabric paint directions.  3. Place your cushion in the pillowcase and enjoy!  I love playing with trends and pillows has always been my #1 way of introducing them safely in our home – without that deep regret of a large purchase! Plus, it’s pretty fun making up your own designs – what do you think?! XOXO, Lidy... read more

Mid-Century Boomerang Coffee Table

The last few weeks we’ve been working on a design for a new coffee table. After doing a lot of window shopping, it was clear that things were a bit out of our price range and not quite what we were looking for. So, we created this Mid-Century Boomerang Coffee Table!  I am so happy with how it turned out – the neon legs give it a modern-inspired look to balance it out. Plus, now that it’s summer, it seems appropriate to have a bit more color in our home! Be sure to head to Curbly for the full tutorial and please let me know what you think!!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Tropical Paper Foliage

I can’t help but fall for trends. They are an exciting way of bringing a fresh start to you home when you might be getting a little bored of what’s around you. They come and go, which is why I love to create quirky pieces that I can have fun with for the time being until another trend rolls in. Like these DIY Tropical Paper Foliage!  Materials Construction paper (in various shades of green) Pencil Scissors Tape Wood Trellis (optional) Instructions 1. Begin by folding your paper in half and draw half of an oval with pointed top and bottom.  2. Cut your sketch and a small slit or opening almost the length of your leaf shape in the center.  3. Now create the kind of foliage you would like by cutting out various leaflets!   4. Simply tape to any surface – I chose a fun wooden trellis. Continue until you have the desired amount of paper foliage!  I love the statement it makes – it adds great color and texture to the walls! I originally created this foliage for a fun backdrop for my son’s birthday, but it would also make a great sculptural piece as well. And who can complain, these big tropical leaves are the kind that will never die! We are sure having fun with it in our house.  What do you think of this trend and simple DIY? For more tropical inspiration, be sure to check out my Tropical Foliage Side Table and Painted Palm Leaf Planter!  XOXO,... read more

Wood Copper Coat Rack

Happy Monday friends! I’m really excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Darby Smart once again and created this modern Wood and Copper Coat Rack for any wall in your home! It’s the perfect addition to our bedroom and adds some extra color and texture to our walls. It’s great for hanging hats, light jackets, jewelry and more! I love the combination of wood and metal. They are great companions in design and don’t come across too feminine or masculine. Which is why I created this design for Father’s Day because I think it would be loved by all those dads out there, but also those moms that have to see it on the wall everyday!  So, if you are stumped for Father’s Day presents that are truly unique and less obvious, be sure to head to Darby Smart for all the supplies and easy instructions you’ll need to create this lovely piece for your home!!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Tropical Leaf Side Table

Ok guys, I am SO excited about today’s DIY! I am beyond thrilled with how this Tropical Leaf Side Table turned out – I want to make a dozen more. It’s totally on trend, it’s playful and overall a really great addition to any space in the home!  Be sure to head on over to Curbly today for the how-to and let me know what you all think! Happy Friday – yay for the weekend!!  XOXO,... read more

DIY Painted Palm Leaf Planter

Tropical prints and patterns are everywhere and totally on trend this year! I see them all around me when I’m out and about, so I came up with a super simple DIY Painted Palm Leaf Planter that you can easily recreate to add a touch of tropics to your home decor this summer! Materials Terracotta Planter Acrylic Paint Paint Brushes Instructions 1. Simply start by painting your base coat using a foam brush. Allow to dry in between coats. 2. Once the base coat has completely dried, take an angled brush to create your palm leaf shapes with a lighter color. Allow to dry.  3. Place your plant into your new planter and enjoy!  This project takes no time at all and you can really have a lot of fun playing with color combinations to achieve some pretty fun pieces! I stuck with a cobalt blue and white to fit in with the rest of my decor, but you can choose any color you wish! This is such a great alternative to spending tons of money on planters, when you could really create one-of-a-kind pieces for your home, garden or patio this summer! What do you think?! XOXO,... read more

A Neglected to Nifty Chair Makeover

Happy Monday friends! I’m not sure if you saw my chair makeover on Curbly last week, but if not be sure to check it out here! It was sure a lot of fun!   Normally when I approach my DIYs, I try to be as careful, methodical and meticulous as possible. To me, I have one chance to make it work because I can’t afford to waste supplies or my time. But this chair was really a freebie for me.  It was my very first furniture purchase that I scored in the As-Is section of IKEA when I first moved out for college TWELVE years ago! And I almost gathered the courage to get rid of it until a light bulb went on in my head. This guy didn’t need to get ditched, it just needed a makeover. So, I decided to go all out and have a little fun. What you think?! I would love to hear your thoughts on this rather wild piece!  XOXO,... read more

Violet’s Mini Room Makeover

I’m so thrilled to show you a little peek into Violet’s mini room makeover! Yesterday I shared how to design your own wallpaper to add something one-of-a-kind to your space. Today, I wanted to share just how easy it is to create, order and apply your wallpaper to breath new life into a room that’s needing a little love!  1. After I designed my wallpaper using my Sprout, I simply ordered my design through Snapbox! If you aren’t familiar with this brand, they are a printing company that has an array of products you can use to make your space more personal to you! I decided to go with one of their products called Peel and Stick Fabric Posters because they were the easiest solution for what I was looking for!  2. For my particular design, I decided to go with the largest panel possible, which measured at 36×54. There are 25 different sizes to choose from, so you have plenty of options!! I then measured my accent wall in the space, both the height and width. Then I calculated how many squares it would take to cover that wall, plus more for that extra wiggle room.   For example, my walls measured at 126 x 97. So my wall height (126) divided by the panel height (36) came out to be 3.5, so I simply rounded it up to 4. Then, my wall width (97) divided by the panel width (54) gave me 1.7, which I rounded up to 2. 2 panels up x 4 panels across gives you 8 panels total. I know this is like a math lesson, but just to show you how I figured... read more

Design Your Own Wallpaper

Not too long after I designed this fun DIY Textile and Home Decor cacti pattern using my Sprout, I was dying to create something on a much larger scale! I really wanted to see how far I could take this next project. I thought I would focus on my daughter Violet’s bedroom and create an accent wall using wallpaper that I designed just for her!  As a design blogger, I am always trying to find ways to create spaces that have a distinct style and flavor that people will know as mine. Over the years, I’ve been really trying to hone in on more clean, simple and functional results. Which is why I kept the wallpaper design basic, using soft and feminine colors and one shape that would be appropriate for a 4 year olds bedroom.  1. I started by placing a simple diecut flower shape onto my touch mat and scanned the image. The Sprout is so amazing, as soon as the image has been captured it is automatically uploaded into my gallery. The detail of my shape is outstanding, something I could never do on my own!! 2. I played around with size by placing both index fingers on my flowers and either bringing them together or apart until I felt that it looked about right. I replicated the shapes until I had enough to form a pattern. 3. Once I was happy with the overall layout,  I saved my finished file as a jpg. I then opened my file in Photoshop, where I manipulated the colors a little – I wanted some muted pinks, blues, greens and greys. 4. When I was finally... read more

Inspired By: Tropical Trends

I’m sure you’ve noticed the huge tropical trend that’s happening all around you in home decor and fashion. I am loving it and I think it’s especially perfect for summer! I shared a little sneak peek of a fun project I was working on a few weeks ago – which I will still share with you soon! Until then, I thought I would share some of my favorite tropical pieces I’ve spotted that inspire me!  I recently picked up a Splitleaf Philondron for our home and I LOVE LOVE it! I love the shape of the leaves and often see a lot of tropical patterns replicating this pretty plant!  How fun would this Botanical Statement Art piece be for the home?!  I would totally flaunt this Wallpaper in our house any day! It’s playful and packed full of color.  Tropical prints in black and white are also pretty amazing – both bold and graphic! This Tropical Tote is lovely.   I would love to host a tropical dinner party and this ADORABLE Bridal Shower is all the inspiration I need!  I’m working on some fun tropical-inspired posts, so stay tuned! How do you feel about this trend?  XOXO, Lidy  ... read more
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