I love to make my own art pieces around the house! Whether it’s a DIY Sunburst Mirror for our dining room, a graphic print or a fun banner! It makes everything feel very personal and gives you a sense of pride for creating something truly special.

I’ve had these amazing stamps that I borrowed from a great friend (thanks Tara!) and I’ve been kind of using them a lot lately. Call it an obsession, I am loving how versitile they can be! I scored a free blank canvas at school and was excited about using it for something fun! I decided to go the untraditional root and not paint over it. Instead, I created a stamped canvas! Here is how you can create one for yourself!


  • Blank canvas any size
  • Individual stamp letters
  • Ink pad


Take your blank canvas and predetermine what you would like your stamped canvas to say! I chose a line from a song my husband wrote that is meaningful to him and I. You can choose almost anything: your favorite quote, a line from a movie, a sentence in a book, a verse of a song, it’s your pick! Once you decide, temporarily lay out your stamps onto the canvas to make sure it will fit nicely. Then you can tweak it so it all looks evenly spaced and the layout it pleasing to the eye. Take one letter at a time, stamp out all the letters onto the canvas until it’s all complete! You may want to gently roll your stamp from side to side when stamping on the canvas, since working with fabric can be a little more work than paper. Let the ink completely dry before anyting comes into contace with it! That’s all it takes! A super easy DIY, wouldn’t you say?

What do you think about this tutorial? Is it something you would be interested in making at home?! Thanks so much for stopping by, hope to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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