I recently bought some fun napkins at World Market. I fell in love with the bright color, which I thought would be great for summer! Plus, they were on sale! I thought I would have some fun with these napkins and make them more unique!

What you need

  • Fabric napkins
  • Stamps (Yes, I am obsessed with stamps…if you don’t have them yet, you gotta get them!!)

What to do

Simply decide what you would like on your napkins and carefully stamp it out letter by letter! There are all sorts of cute things you can do, pinterest is full of ideas! I decided to have one side say “eat” the other side “enjoy”. I also like the idea of repetition, so I decided to stamp them out three times each. Make it even more unique! I don’t usually use fabric napkins, but I think I might start! Especially when I can personalize them!!

I am having a lot of fun with these and hope to make a few fabric napkins of my own! I’m thinking of using vintage fabric and perhaps embroider a bit! Fabric napkins are the perfect touch at the dinner table! What do you think?!

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