Lately, I have been in love with the ever so trendy ampersand. I’ve had my eyes peeled on a few in different stores, but I really wanted to make my own in some way. After our trip to northern California, we packed our car full of recycled wood and headed home! We have a lot of projects in mind, so today I decided to share one of those projects with you!

Did you know that an ampersand is a logogram, which joins the word “and”? This symbol binds the letters in et, which is Latin for “and”. So, there’s a little lesson for today! For whatever reason, this little symbol has become popular in the design world and so we decided to create one for our home!

What you will need

  • Some recycled wood (this can be anything! If you like the look of the texture of some wood, grab it!)
  • Scroll saw or jigsaw (both can be rented)
  • A printed logogram of the ampersand
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sand paper
  • Wood stain (optional, depending on the wood)

What to do

Print out a font you like of your logogram (this is optional, we just eyed it). Cut it out and lay on the wood surface (be sure to wipe down the surface so it’s nice and clean). We found this amazing slab of redwood from a house my father-in-law was renovating. I think it was once a shelf or part of a built in. Trace out your Ampersand on the wooden surface. Take your piece outside and cut using the scroll saw or jigsaw. Be careful as you follow your traced lines! Once you are done, sand the edges until they are smooth. Wipe off excess dust. Optional: you may want to keep as is, or you can stain the wood to bring out more of the color and detail. Then you are done! Wait for the stain to dry and enjoy your new decor!

My hopes are to make a few and have a little wall of different styles of ampersands. This was a trial run, but I love how it all turned out! Plus, I always feel a bit of satisfaction knowing that I recycled in some way! What do you think of this trendy little logogram?

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