As you can see by now, I hit the jackpot with vintage Christmas ornaments! I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I am already posting things about Christmas! It was something I was seeing a lot of at the flea market this time around. So many Christmas ornaments for great prices! I suppose they were just wanting to get rid of what they had so it was less to pack up, since they were practically throwing them at us for such fantastic prices. 

My sister-in-law has collected these little bottle brush trees for sometime now. I have always admired them whenever I saw them out for the holidays. Then I started seeing them everywhere on Pinterest and people were using them in such inventive ways!! I decided to get a few so I could make a few cute things out of them, which I will post very soon during another theme week! They are a hot ticket item this year, people are collecting all sorts of colors and sizes! So get out there and grab a few, we can do some of these cute projects together! 

Thrifty Finds - Day 5
Thrifty Finds - Day 3

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