A little vacation never hurt anybody….

This might be my last post for a few days, as I am leaving California to go visit my native land: Canada. I decided to leave you all with a piece of happiness and inspiration until I am back again! This week I have been trying to organize my thoughts and passions. I have so many dreams I want to chase and so many things I want to create. I read this random quote today:

“Sewing has made me a happy happy girl. I highly recommend learning how to use your machine – you won’t regret it – and will find yourself spending less and less time at the mall, and more time online figuring out how to make your own version of some of your favorite $300 dollar dresses! Plus, having a reason to browse fabric shops. That’s my favorite part.” -Jill of Lune

I came across Lune Vintage not too long ago and I am hooked. She is living her dream and that is what I am after. You should pay her site a little visit and hopefully that will stir up some passion and creativity in you. Perhaps you will start something you’ve always wanted to try. I know I have and it’s been a wonderful adventure since! 

This is such an amazing idea! An online sewing class for beginners. Check out more here!
Love love love this! A pop up vintage store. Seriously. Who comes up with these ideas?!
I like the look of this simple fringe necklace. It would be super easy to recreate. Project!
This picture caught my eye. Oddly enough, I own both that pillow and sheep skin. Not to mention our chair is exactly that shade of yellow. Good to know we all have similar tastes in things!

Farewell. I shall be back before you know it!

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