A Bittersweet Goodbye

A Bittersweet Goodbye

I have found a desire within myself that no experience in this world can satisfy; the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.  – C.S. Lewis

Starting a post like this is really hard to write. I’ve had months to think, ponder and accept. So I’ll get straight to the point. 

The last year, since moving back to Canada, I’ve had a change in heart. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try my best. To be brutally honest, I was living in a world that was essentially all about “look at me”, “notice me”, and glorifying self and it left me feeling restless and longing. I was tired of dreaming up wild ideas that might lift my name higher, spending hours brainstorming months and years ahead for my little blog to maybe get just a little bit bigger. Hoping and waiting for the next adventure to come knocking on my door. It was a cycle that I needed to get out of because there was so much risk involved. I had a family, I had friends, a world of possibilities outside my own front door, but most importantly. Above all else, I felt I was neglecting my relationship with God. 

It wasn’t until I heard someone say to me one day that the only way up is down. To let go of the things you cling so tightly to and trust that when you let go, there is peace and fulfillment. A total countercultural way of thinking, I know. But basically, my faith in God means that He is first in my life. That I would glorify His name, not mine. And as a blogger, it was impossible to do that. Because the truth is, there is too much temptation for fame. Money. Stuff. Lots and lots of stuff that pulled my eyes away from God and in this world that promised so much, it delivered nothing in return. 

And so, I wrestled with this conviction. To let go of this blog I worked so hard on for five years. And at first, the thought that I was going to let this all go when things were finally picking up was insulting and out of the question. I mean, I was finally making an income, I was making all sorts of amazing connections and meeting all kinds of amazing people. But most importantly, I was doing something I was passionate about and working from home. A dream job! But still, the conviction grew in my heart until I was uneasy. Because all those things weren’t all that important in the bigger picture. Yes, it’s ok to have ambitions. But I was challenged to think about what the motivation behind those ambitions came out of. Were they to serve myself? Or God? And I can honestly say, they were to serve myself. And I knew that it was time to surrender it all to God. The one who knows all things. Who is sovereign over all things. It was time I made a statement of faith that says, I love God more than myself. I desired to serve Him not only by what I say, but action. It just wasn’t there. And it was time. I am happy, thankful and at peace with letting this blog go so that I can be the mom, wife, friend, daughter and woman that God has called me to be according to his plan. Not my own. It doesn’t mean I can’t work on the side to make some extra money for my family. It just means for me personally my days of self-promoting, self-serving, self-seeking, and overall self-centered world surrounding my blog were done. 

I know many of you may not understand this. But it’s something I am so passionate about. It’s something that has given my life so much meaning, which is why I am letting go of Hello Lidy and closing the last chapter of this book. I am beyond thankful for the many years of support and love from all of you. Thank you for allowing me to share my passions for design and creativity with you over these past few years. You are all so dear to me and I hope that you would all find fulfillment in your lives as well. Life is so short. Don’t waste it away with the little temptations and the things this world promises to offer. Hold dear to what truly matter most. Family. Relationships. Good health. And if you believe in a greater purpose as I do, God. Goodbye for now dear friends! Love to you all. 

XOXO, Lidy

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  • Talena Winters

    Hi, Lidy. It is interesting and wonderful how God meets us where we are at. God has been moving me TOWARDS full-time writing and blogging but my voice and reason for doing it has changed a lot in the last year. It is definitely the motivation in our hearts that concerns him most. I wish you the best in this next chapter of your life as you continue to fulfill the dreams he has given you.

  • Brenda Weaver

    I have enjoyed your blog, and on one hand will be sorry to see it go, but I am so happy for the reasons behind why you have chosen to do so. It’s wonderful to see you walking in obedience and listening to God’s voice. Blessings to you in whatever lies ahead.

  • sara

    oh no :'(
    all best for you!

  • Karisa | Petite Modern Life

    That’s a hard conclusion to come to when there is so much pressure to “achieve more” and “make yourself a name.” But you’re so right. God has already given you a name among the many obvious gifts and talents he’s bestowed upon you: “Daughter.” And he will give you rest in that as you listen to his calling in this season (I’ve been reading Hebrews ch. 3 & 4 and totally struck by his calling to rest). :) So happy to still have your beautiful talents out there for us to enjoy, but you can rest and enjoy God’s peace and joy in stepping away too! Without knowing you I’ve always been struck by your huge heart! Blessings on you :)

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    You’ve put your explanation in such beautiful, perfect words. Best wishes & selfishly hope you may update your insta here and there 😉 xoxo

  • Buttons and Sprout

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog in the last year since I discovered it, and whilst I’ll miss reading I wish you happiness for the future. I’m not particularly religious myself I understand whole heartedly the need to give your family your all and follow that path. I do hope we still see your updates on Instagram though. Xx

  • Carrie Waller

    Love you so much, Lidy!! Your courage, honesty, and faith are such an inspiration to me, and I want to thank you for the poignant reminder. Thank you also for the years of inspiration you’ve given us, and I look forward to staying in touch with you in the years to come!!! You’ll ALWAYS be famous to me :) <3

  • Amy

    Wonderful wonderful goodbye! And thank you for being so bold to share how your faith has played a role in your decision. Bravo friend!

  • You’ll be missed – but at the same time, I totally get it. “Real” life is way more important! I fantasize about it myself sometimes. I look forward to the next stages of my life too!

  • G. Bateman

    I hardly know what to say. I’m such a new reader, but in no time came to really love this space… You’re aesthetic, your words, your humility, and your ability to make so much beauty and calm. But I absolutely admire your decision. And I am so proud and inspired, as a Christian, to see a decision that points to God and what you feel he’s calling you for. I have no doubt that these past years blogging were part of his plan, even if your self got in the way. God still uses us, even when we get in the way. He used your blog probably much more than you’ll even know. It was a a small part of my own life at a crucial time when I was wading through grief and needed something beautiful to look to. I’ve been so inspired by this space…right up to and through this post. Just wanted you to know. All the very best. May you and your path and next chapter be blessed…as well as your family. 💛

  • My dear Lidy,
    Bittersweet is exactly right. I’m devastated to see the end of this blog, but am so so happy that you stand so strong in your faith. This is clearly the right decision for you, and I truly admire the strength you have to make it. I still look forward to checking in on your beautiful family, and hope we’ll be able to meet up again soon :)
    Love you <3.

  • much love and best wishes to you lidy!

  • i’ve enjoyed this blog so, so much! best wishes!

  • Virginia Rothenflue

    I’ve got your website bookmarked as one for inspiration… but I must say this post has been your most inspiring yet. I believe that we are creative because we were designed by a loving, creative God. And yet, so much online is all about self-promotion and elevating ourselves. It is is so easy to fall into this trap.

    When I left a full-time job to have my daughter, my father-in-law sent me flowers on my last day. The card read, “Congratulations on your promotion.”

    Wishing you all the best in your “promotion”… and with all the better things God has ahead for you.

  • Katie Dillman

    Appreciate the honesty of this post and hope all is well with your world and your faith. Thanks Lidy


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