Alt SF 2013

I don’t even know where to start! I’ve always dreamed of going to Alt, but I never thought it would actually happen. When I got a ticket for Alt SF, I knew I could NOT let this opportunity pass me by. And seeing as it was only a few short hours away from  where I live, I had to go! I am so thankful I went, my experience was nothing but  pleasant and wonderful! 

Alt SF 2013

I’ve heard from some blogging friends, who have attended Alt SLC, that it can be extremely overwhelming and information overload. Still, it was an amazing experience for them. I was very curious to see how they felt attending this event, seeing as it was only one day. It seems the experience was much more enjoyable! Even though there was still a lot of information and a lot of different activities going on, we had this breathing space. A time to take it all in, to mingle, to talk about it and let things soak up while we refreshed ourselves with drinks and treats. For a first time Alt attendee, I highly recommend Alt SF! 

Alt SF 2013

The location at the Fairmont Hotel was gorgeous, elegant and magical. The speakers were knowledgeable, transparent and very honest. They opened with a bang as we were introduced to Mariam Naficy, the CEO of Minted (where I happened to purchase my business cards). We ended with the inspiring Mike McCue, the CEO of Flipboard, whom I ran into on the elevator on my way out. We struck up a great conversation! He and members of his team were so down to earth, I truly enjoyed our short encounter. Not to mention, the food was amazing, the snacks were incredible and the flare was over the top wonderful! The sponsors were so fun, sweet and very approachable. I did my best to enjoy every second of it and take in all that Alt had to offer. I paid a little visit to my Bing buddies, where two of my DIYs were being feautured: my Glittered Faux Taxidermy and my Modern Glass Globe. Thanks Bing…for everything!!! 

Alt SF 2013

Alt SF 2013

I had the pleasure of attending a sponsored dinner Wednesday night with Creativebug, an AMAZING group of talented individuals right up my alley with their obsession for crafting and inspiring others! I was blown away by the location, party decor and the amazing company! Oh, and dinner was fantastic! We were all treated like royalty. Right away, I connected with a handful of lovely ladies who later became my posse as we hung out the entire rest of Alt. I just love them so! Is it weird that I miss them terribly?! 

Alt SF 2013

Alt SF 2013

Thursday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and caught a cab to the Fairmont hotel. I had my fix of coffee and participated in the morning activities. I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Stanley of Say Yes To Hoboken. She is the most lovely lady, both in and out. She was so informative and inspiring, as we chatted about selling our own ads and what that looks like. I learned A LOT from her! After that, things just took off! It was wonderful (sigh). 

Alt SF 2013

Here are TEN things I learned from Alt: 

1. Don’t worry about what other’s think of you and your work.

2. Success comes through failures.

3. All that matters is that you keep yourself happy and inspired.

4. It’s imperative to have a supportive network who can celebrate what’s important to you.

5. Nothing is original, it’s been done before. Accept it and get over it. Make it your own by building from it. 

6. Keep yourself inspired by exploring various avenues: read, write, watch, talk, listen, taste, compare, evaluate,  experience.

7. Embrace detours and get out of your comfort zone. 

8. Commit to facing your fears and only good things will come from it. 

9. Success comes from our awareness of the importance of authentic relationships.

10. Pay close attention to the details and you will provoke emotion. People want to see the real and authentic you in your work. 

Alt SF 2013

Alt SF 2013

There you have it! My first Alt Summit! I am still giddy from it all! P.S., here are a few fantastic individuals you should check out! And be sure to come back again soon! 

Rachel Mae Smith

Meredith Nguyen

Ana Spick


Moorea Seal

Damaris Santos-Palmer

Aimee Lowry & Bettijo B. Hirschi

Rachelle Doorley

Melissa Direnzo

Patti Sokol 

XOXO, Lidy

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