Baby Chronicles: Update

Baby Chronicles: Update

So yesterday we had our fourth meeting, which means we only have two more to go!  Can you believe it?! I don’t want to bore you with all the details, because there are many (which are so very helpful to us and not so interesting for you to hear!) It’s going by so quickly, even though the amount of work yet to be done is haunting me day and night! We have submitted most of our paper work, but still have a few things to submit and home studies to be done. This Friday we have our first safety inspection, which I spent most of my day hunting down the craziest of things. I went into Home Depot asking where to find fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. I kept asking the guy which ones he recommended ( I mean, there are a million things to choose from…seriously?!). He asked me how many fires I was expecting to have in the near future. I realized I looked kind of crazy, so I had to explain how we were adopting and this was part of the process. Obviously buddy, I’m going for mother of the year here! Well, two fire extinguishers and 6 smoke detectors later I was off to Baby’s R Us! I grabbed a first aid kit, some outlet plugs and cupboard locks. I stared at the cribs and strollers, but ditched that idea…too many choices, not enough time in the day! 

I have to admit, I am starting to feel more and more exhausted. It’s not physically taxing, like you would expect in a pregnancy. It’s much more emotional because you know your life is about to change, but you don’t see any physical evidence of that yet. I am going through the motions of buying baby stuff, but I’m still me: no food cravings or morning sickness. Day and night I have check lists a mile long that I try to plug away at as much as possible. We are cleaning out stuff, reorganizing, making a room for baby and just trying to get things right the first time. I NEED to get this stuff done! Ah! Not to mention, all the normal day to day things: life mishaps, school, jobs, homework, church and chores. My head is spinning.

Luckily, in all the craziness I have people that share with me their adoption stories. They say things that sound so familiar and relate to things I am afraid of. They know first hand ALL the hoops we are jumping through just so we can be mom and dad to a sweet infant. They know the pain from every angle, deep down inside the soul. BUT, it’s worth every effort. Every headache. Every stressful moment. I have seen first hand the blessings of those sweet children that are adopted. Both to the child and to the parents. It’s the most beautiful thing. 

So, I look forward to the next few weeks ahead! Keep us in your prayers that all things sail smoothly! I am getting excited and looking forward to starting a family!!  I will leave you on a sweet note today…since it’s almost Valentine’s day and all. I received a wonderful book from a dear friend called Shaoey and Dot, written by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman. This is the letter she wrote inside….

XOXO, Lidy

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  • Andrea Shepherd

    Friend I can’t get through any of your adoption blogs without crying. I am so beyond excited for you and Joel and cannot wait to meet the little bundle of joy that God had made for your very precious family! I love you friend and pray for you always.

    • Aw, thanks Andrea! I can hardly go without crying when sharing my experience! I am so thankful for great friends who love and support us through it all. Love you and miss you!

  • Jenny purewal

    I’m very happy for you both:).

    • Thanks so much Jenny! We are so excited and a bit nervous! So far, it’s been a wonderful experience!

  • Marisa

    awa.. so funny and then whammo, you get me all choked up!! So precious… miss you…. want to hug you… sniff sniff.. gotta stop talking… that’s all I want to say about that… just know that I’m constantly praying for our precious grandchild who the Lord is protectively knitting in a womb. big huge hugs!!! love you so much, xoxoxoxo momma

    • Oh mother :) What I appreciate most about you is how you have no idea the whole world can read your cute little comments to me! Haha, you and all your craziness…and sweetness! Thanks for all your love and support!!! Miss you always!



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