So, I’ve gotten A LOT of questions regarding adoption and parenting lately on facebook and email. I’m totally flattered, but super nervous! Who am I to give any advice. I’ve only really been a “mom” for 6 months, so I feel overwhelmed myself. I totally appreciate you asking me though, it’s an honor to share my journey as a mom and as a fellow adoptive parent.

I decided it would be fun to start a video series where I can begin posting questions as they come. I thought it would be nice to be face to face with you, speaking from my heart. It’s a lot more rewarding than just posting DIY videos all the time (which I still love to do).  This will just give you a chance to get to know me more intimately and perhaps spark some more questions! 

First question for this series is: How do you find balance between being a mom/wife and your hobby without feeling guilt? Great question! Here is my humble opinion regarding this topic on balance! Also, I apologize ahead of time for the video quality (one of my goals this year is to learn how to better my skill) and for the plethora of interesting faces! Enjoy friends! 

XOXO, Lidy

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