Ok friends, I have a really fun room reveal planned for next week, so be sure to come back for that! Until then, please bare with me as I go over all the many details of our basement battles! I know many of you may be interested in it, as I have already received a lot of emails and messages in regards to the sneak peeks on Instagram.If you’re like me, you might despise this space in your home. And maybe even just turn a blind eye to it. If you don’t see the ugliness lurking its head every time you go down to do a load of laundry, then it’s not really there. Right? Well, if you hate reading, then feel free to just look at the before/progress pictures of our basement battles! Otherwise, enjoy hearing about some issues you might be facing this very moment, right now too! 

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Thoughts on starting this project:

If there’s one space in my home that was really a source for sore eyes and looming over my head, it was the basement. Although the colors were bold and bright, the space felt small and dark to me. It was our family room/play room, but it really didn’t feel that way at all. And to be honest, it was the last room I wanted to tackle because I knew it was going to be a really big job. When I was asked to participate in this years Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week I could not refuse! It was just the kick in the butt I needed and the perfect excuse to transform this confused and uninviting basement into a refreshing and playful space for the whole family to enjoy! My hope is that you truly feel inspired and have some fun ideas for when you decide to change things up in your home!

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Solving one problem at a time:

Our biggest dilemma was the wall you would first see when walking down to the basement. You were greeted by a very burnt orange wall that was textured and the drywall was very uneven. We knew it had to be painted over, but realized that it would take hours to sand it down evenly. Was it worth it? We researched some other options and ultimately decided to experiment with plywood. I have LOVED the look of plywood in homes. Some may think it feels unfinished and cheap, but I thought it was modern, clean and sleek! With that out of the way, we started tackling the basement makeover. 

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

The plan and picking out the right color for the space:

1. Paint 90% of the space white.

2. Paint the indented wall with some sort of geometric pattern using a pop of color.

3. Install plywood to the textured orange wall.

4. Some other geometric elements.

When it comes to paint in the home, I rarely use color on the walls, unless it’s paired with a very light neutral. I am a big believer in that white walls are the way to go. They act as a backdrop for any style and as a spring board for introducing colorful pieces in your decor or even furniture! My go-to white for our home is Sherwin-Williams Incredible White (SW 7028). It’s clean, modern, but warm and inviting. So the space doesn’t feel too sterile or flat. Our dining room, living room and master bedroom are painted with this white and I love it in all those spaces!

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

For the geometric wall, I wanted to introduce a color I would normally NEVER choose. I wanted something playful, vibrant and happy. This is our family room after all and a space the kids would be spending the majority of time playing and watching TV, no doubt! After looking at swatch after swatch of every color possible, I narrowed it down to blue hues. It’s a color I am usually always drawn to – take for example our old living room in California. I had a lot of cobalt blue accents! This time, we braved it a bit more and went with Sherwin-Williams Tame Teal (SW 6757). It was definitely playful, vibrant and happy! It was also a great color that would go with the many blue decor pieces I still had from our old living room. But also with a lot of other colors I wanted to introduce, such as pink, grey, green and black.

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Thoughts on the plywood wall:

So, I’m not going to lie. The plywood wall took a lot longer than I expected!! We chose 1/8″ plywood, since it would be the easiest to attach to the wall. We glued the plywood to the wall using PL 400. However. The wall was so uneven, we had issues with some of the plywood panels popping up and not sticking as well as some areas of the panel. This was very frustrating to say the least! We ended up using some finishing nails on the top and bottom corners of the panels, which we tried to avoid. Eventually, after a lot of pushing, applying pressure and smoothing out the plywood panels, it stuck! After the glue was dried and the panels were secure, we sanded the wall, wiped it clean and applied satin finish polyurethane. We also put up trim along the whole wall, to give it more of a finished look. Yes, we would have rather had the trim just on the bottom. But another problem that we faced was the burnt orange poking through the tops and sides of the wall. So the trim took care of that. All in all, would we do this again? Absolutely. Would be do it differently? Better believe it. Next time, we will take the effort to find the studs and cut the panels according to the studs and nail them to the wall!

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Thoughts on paint colors:

Obviously, I love the white! The room INSTANTLY opened up and felt bight, fresh and airy! Incredible White for the win again! For the geometric wall, we originally planned on having just a white and Tame Teal diagonal painted wall. But once we got the wall painted, it looked like it was still needing something and decided to add one more triangular shape using Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black (SW 6258), which worked out amazingly! And I must say, I just love the Tame Teal – it was the perfect choice for the space!

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Additional geometric elements:

Sometimes, you have to make some last minute changes and the room sort of evolves as you go along. When the walls were finally all painted and the plywood was up, there was just something missing. The plywood wall felt a little bare, but I really did NOT want to paint over the wood after all that work! I decided to apply vinyl triangles in black and white. This is a great option if you don’t want anything permanent or irreversible, such as painting on a plywood wall. The triangles sealed the deal for me! The plywood wall had a little more character and directed the eye to our geometric wall – there was some balance in the space and it felt finished. Finally! Here is just a sneak peek…

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

Basement Battles | Hello Lidy

I cannot wait to show you the full reveal, so stay tuned! Don’t worry, I won’t be talking this much. But I can’t promise there won’t be a lot of pictures! Need more motivation or inspiration? Be sure to check out what other amazing bloggers are up to on Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week!

XOXO, Lidy


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