Sherwin-Williams Paint

Ok guys, I’m back with the color reveal! If you haven’t guessed it already (or seen a few little pictures on Instagram), we picked Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black for our walls!! Yes, it’s bold. It’s dark. It’s dramatic. But we wanted something that was a little risky and modern for our bedroom space. 

In order to avoid our room feeling like a dark cave, we played around with some painting options (don’t mind my photoshop skills): 

1. One solid black wall: this felt a little too safe for us, so we decided against.

Sherwin-Williams Paint

2. Solid black wall + Diagonal: We wanted something a little edgier, but this felt almost too edgy!

Sherwin-Williams Paint

3. 3/4 painted wall: It was modern, fresh and trendy. In the end, this was our final pick! It still allowed enough light to bounce off the ceiling and walls for that extra light and had that “wow” factor we were hoping for when you first walk in the room!

Sherwin-Williams Paint

I cannot tell you how good it feels to walk into our room and no longer seeing those bright pink walls! I already feel like it’s a retreat away from the rest of the house. Next week I’ll show you the complete room makeover with all our new furniture pieces and a few fun DIYs! 

What do you think of the black? What would you have chosen?

XOXO, Lidy



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