Better Things Ahead

Better Things Ahead

Better Things Ahead

Firstly, thank you friends for your sweet words and support after I opened up and shared my struggles with you last week. It was a scary thing for me to be honest in that way, I was afraid of judgement and hurtful words. I do have to admit, I had only one response from someone that claimed I was making a public complaint just to gain sympathy. But for the most part, I had nothing but loving support. I realize there will always be people who don’t know me in the slightest and I suddenly realized how easy it is to let go of those kinds of hurtful people. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

It’s inevitable that hardships are unavoidable. We will face them periodically in our lives. Whether it be jobs, family, health, finances. We will all hit a wall that we are afraid we won’t be able to climb over. But the thing is, we will. We always do.

My husband and I have been going through some of the hardest things imaginable, aside from our adoption. A matter of fact, our adoption is nothing in comparison to the latest events in our life. I came across this great C.S. Lewis quote the other day, ” There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind”. 

C.S. Lewis

Last night I finally had to just let people go. Release them into the unknown future. Be at peace with letting fruitless relationships die and not feel guilty about it. We can’t spend a life time convincing people to love us, it should just happen. And if it can’t happen naturally, then it’s just not meant to be. I think I’m ok with that. I have been so incredibly blessed to be in relationship with such authentic people (including all of you!). I can’t waste my time looking behind me, it’s time to move forward.

I have such a peace lately. A joy I can’t describe. Letting go of unhealthy relationships and  focusing on the good ones. But mostly because we are closing in on our adoption soon and our little one’s will finally be a part of our forever family!!! I am convinced there are such great things ahead for us as we start to make the big move back to Canada in just a few short months. So many hopeful things to look forward to. To dim the past and brighten our future. 

Are you experiencing anything like this in your life? Realizing the need to let go of the past and hold on tight to what’s ahead? I would love to hear your words of wisdom! 

XOXO, Lidy

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  • anon

    How wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS on finalizing the adoption. Enjoy your happiness and try to brush off any other frustrations.

    • HelloLidy

      Thank you kindly :) Hopefully in a couple months everything will be processed! We are looking forward to what’s to come!


  • Sabrina Grant

    Good to hear :) Nobody needs losers like that in their life! I am so happy for your family that you get to move back to Canada and be by mommy and daddy! That will be great for the kiddos to have grandparents around who truly love and accept them as their own. Filling your life with genuinely good people is great isn’t it? I love that I was able to let go of those negative types of people years ago. How much better life is without hypocrites bringing you down. Ok, I’m done ranting now…just excited for you, Joel, and the kids.

    • HelloLidy

      Thanks friend! I am so thankful for your friendship and encouragement! I know our kids are always feeling the love from my family in Canada. It’s special when they are — asking to talk to their Oma and Opa :) There is nothing better than letting go of people who want to hurt you and looking ahead to the bright future! Thanks for the rant, it makes me realize you (and a lot of others) can see right through them. Good to know we aren’t just crazy or something 😉 haha


  • Positive relationships are the only ones worth keeping! Life is too short for anything less :)

    • HelloLidy

      I completely agree :)



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