My last trip to World Market, I saw hundreds of things I wanted! However, I try to be as thrifty as possible (unless it’s something we REALLY need or it’s a fabulous deal), so I looked around and admired a lot of stuff! I often get a lot of inspiration for projects while I’m there. Like the giant map ampersand that caught my attention instantly! I will be doing that for sure, perhaps for the second nursery that we need to start working on! 

While I was there, I did find a very cute item I decided to buy. It was cheap and it gave me an idea for another project I hope to do sometime soon! I am loving my new chalkboard birds! They are great for the house and fun to play with! I can write on them or just have them hanging for a little decor! 

I am thinking of making something similar, using clouds as my inspiration. It’s so easy, I can’t wait to share the DIY. It might be a little more fun to do than going out and buying these! 

What do you think of this unique little banner? Is this something you could use hanging around your home? 

XOXO, Lidy


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