A little while ago I posted my inspiration for a business card. I decided to work on it a bit more until I felt the card really represented me…and my blog of course! It’s so hard to feel confident with one design, but I realize it’s ok to stick with one idea and order more business cards with a new design later! Just keep your logo consistent! 

I’ve had a lot of people asking if they think it’s necessary to have business cards for your blog. I feel it’s simply personal choice. I think it gives your blog a more professional flare, where people can take you and your blog more seriously. It won’t seem like it’s just another hobby. Now-a-days, anyone and everyone can start a blog…and that’s great! Just some people really want to make a living at it and other’s just enjoy doing it on the side. A business card can really push you in the right direction if you’re one of those people really hoping to make it big in the blogging world! Plus, all your important information is on there: your email, your blog URL, Facebook, Twitter and anything else where you can be found! Well, that’s my opinion anyway! 

After re-thinking my card layout and theme, I think I settled on a design that I feel very happy with! The card incorporates a lot of the same color palette you see throughout my blog and the images on my card really represent me. I wanted the end result to have a hand-made, thrifty, crafty kind of feel to it. Hopefully that’s the vibe people will get too!  

What do you guys think about having business cards for your blogs?! I would love to hear your opinion! 

XOXO, Lidy

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