This weekend we successfully threw the kids their first half birthday party! Our theme was camping and it turned out great! We had lots of friends and family come by and celebrate with us – we gathered around the fire and ate lots of tasty treats! 

I loved putting the party together! The theme was a lot of fun to play with – we already had so much we could use as props, so we didn’t have to go out and buy a whole lot. It was just the little details that we worked hard on. From the banners, pennants, camping signs, gift bags, labels, food display table, wooden forks, drink station, the mock camp site, to the fishing area – it all came perfectly together! 

It was a perfectly cool day, I was so happy! When camping, you should want to throw on some comfy clothes, sit close to the fire and sip back some hot cocoa! And that is exactly what we all had to do – there was this perfect chill in the air! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!

The menu was a hit – everyone loved it all! When someone asked for the recipes, I was so proud to tell them it was all from Alaska from Scratch! The kids had fun playing in the tents, eating (of course), playing games and relaxing by the fire. I know they felt special and very loved. 

I wouldn’t want to do anything different. It was worth all the hard work, just to see the love that was poured onto them by all. It was the perfect celebration during this month of November – National Adoption Month! I can’t wait to throw them their real birthday parties! I am already brain storming new ideas! 

Are you a big party planner? Or would you rather have someone else do all the planning?

XOXO, Lidy 

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