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The Ugly Truth

May 21, 2012

It seems there is a wave of change circulating on the blogosphere. Where the thrills and frills of blogging are being exposed for what they really are, or what they really ought to be: honesty and reality. Where lies the truth amidst all the creative steroids pulsating through the veins of the blogging world? Is what we see really the truth?! 

I have to admit, there was a sigh of relief when I came across this wonderful post written by Creature Comforts. I felt my blogging hobby had taken over my life. Everyday I was struggling to find inspiration and ideas. I was feeling like my real life was being neglected. I had put so much energy, time and money into this! There was no way I was going to slow down. It had to pay off, some day, some way. Or would it? Will I be ok if I don’t have a lot of subscribers? What if my content diminishes? What if my pictures are too out of focus or inconsistent? What if I’m not good enough compared to everyone out there. What if? It was eating me alive. So much, I could feel myself changing into this person I didn’t recognize anymore. I looked around and my home was a mess. Artifacts of long nights before trailed each room. Hot glue guns, ribbons, paints, stamps, papers, pencils and STUFF littering the floor. The fridge empty, the laundry piled up, the sink full of dirty dishes. I was even a mess. I found myself spending hours on the couch, researching and gathering ideas. It became an obbsession. I love what I do, but do I love it too much? More than the rest of my life? I felt guilt. I felt anxiety when I forgot to write a post for the next day. Or when I knew we would be out of town and didn’t have a clue what I would post about, or if I would even be able to. I was worried my ratings would drop and people would stop coming around if I didn’t post enough or regularly. There was so much pressure. 

So, I decided to talk about it. In case there were others that felt the same way. And even if I am the only one, I already feel like I can breath again. Sometimes, we are our worst enemy. We set the bar so high, there is no way we can ever reach it. We don’t have control of anything, even when we think we do. It’s no wonder we are exhausted all the time. Shouldn’t it be ok if things aren’t perfect? Do we really need to strive and push for perfection? Sometimes “good enough” should be enough.

I’ve chosen to stop worrying. Worrying if I get more readers, followers, comments and features. Bottom line is my blog makes me happy. It’s a way to express my creative passions, even if I don’t get that selfish attention we all secretly hope for. I decided to stop comparing. Yes, there are better blogs: prettier layouts, higher picture quality, more useful DIYs, excellent content, more desirable ideas. But I am proud of my small accomplishments and I feel it keeps me humble when things don’t go as planned. I decided to be forgiving of myself. I have lots to learn. I’m not the perfect blogger or housewife. I don’t have it all figured out. I haven’t found all the answers yet. For now, I keep moving forward. I keep seeking balance. I get my life back on track, so things are no longer neglected. Life is too short to waste it away, especially when you’ve forgotten about what really matters. 

Are you in the same boat? It’s ok if you aren’t. The point is, we have to be real and stop pretending life is perfect. It isn’t and never will be and that’s ok (that’s my opinion anyway, I could be wrong)! We can still enjoy each new day and all the challenges and blessings it brings! As Ez put it, “But for now, I am encouraged and honored to be a part of this beautiful community of bloggers who are willing to make themselves vulnerable in an effort to make the bigger blogging community a better place“. So, what do you say? Wanna get on board?! 

XOXO, Lidy