I’m always looking for new ways to display things in my home! I recently got a few of my designs from Etsy printed for our home. I wanted to display some in frames and others in something a bit different and less traditional! Not too long ago, I found a couple clipboards at a thrift store for a dollar. I couldn’t resist! How easy would it be to just pop in a cute print or picture and call it a day?! Too easy, believe me!

Next time you are in a thrift store or the dollar store,  keep your eyes open for some clipboards! They make for a cute way to display your pictures! Who would have thought! Displaying your pictures in fun ways can really bring personality to any room. Whether you use clipboards or not, try to think of alternative ways to show off your prints or pictures! 

I love how easy it is and convenient. I can always switch out my prints, hassle free! I can’t argue with that! If you want to add even more of a pop, think about painting your clipboards a fun and vibrant color! I ‘m thinking about painting some more a bright and fun color! 

Are you a fan of using alternative ways to diplay your pictures and prints? Or are you more traditional?! 

XOXO, Lidy

DIY Stitched Art
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