Crepe + Paper + Flowers

I fell in love with crepe paper recently! What took me so long, I don’t know! I ordered some online in an assortment of pretty colors: pink, gold, cream and emerald green. I was so excited to use it for something, so I decided to make a fun little DIY! 

Crepe + Paper + Flowers

What you will need

Crepe Paper (any color – although I used gold as the center for each flower)


Glue Gun

Paper (as the base)

Crepe + Paper + Flowers

1. Gather all your supplies 2. Cut a strip of crepe paper and fold the paper into 10 folds. Hold firmly your crepe paper and cut a heart shape – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Since you folded the crepe paper beforehand, you should get about 10 or 11 pedals at once 3. Cut a 4-5 inch strip of your gold crepe paper and fold in half, lengthwise. Cut partial slits along the closed side from one end to another and begin to roll to form the center part of your flower and set aside 4. Cut a 1 – 1 1/2 inch circle out of regular paper to act as the base. Begin glueing one pedal at a time around the circle, starting with the outside 5. Once the outside is complete repeat along the inside until the paper base is covered 6. Take your gold center and apply hot glue to the base. 7. Place at the center of your flower and hold for a few seconds until secure and fluff the top layer of pedals 8. Make some more!

Crepe + Paper + Flowers

These sweet flowers would make a great garland, whimsical wall decor, faux flower bouquets, hair accessories or even boutonnieres! They are so versatile and that’s what I love most about them! You can use them year round and for any occasion! Plus, they are so easy to make! 

Crepe + Paper + Flowers

If you live in the Los Angeles area, be sure to come and check out  Creative Connection this Saturday! You can buy tickets here! This is a great event for ladies like myself and other creatives. We meet up, make new friends, have great conversations and leave inspired! I will be giving all the girls this DIY to take home so they can try to recreate these fun little flowers! It would be so great to meet you! What do you think,  is it something you could use for an upcoming event sometime? 

XOXO, Lidy

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