Dip Dyed Planter

I’ve been a little obsessed with dipping different materials into dye lately! I don’t know why, it’s just too fun. I’ve had this faux plant from IKEA for years and decided it really needed a little makeover. I really should just get rid of it because I have living plants all over my house, but I wanted to play around before I gave it up! 

Dip Dyed Vase

What you will need:

Plaster vase 



Dip Dyed Vase

What to do:

1. Collect your supplies and head outside where you have space to avoid wrecking clothes or other nearby materials. 2. Mix your dye with water according to directions. I started out with a darker color. 3. Add more water to lighten your color and let it rise to dye more of your vase. 4. Repeat step #3 and submerge the remainder of your vase in the dye solution. 5. Take out and allow to dry completely. 

Dip Dyed Vase

This project took no time at all! I love the faint ombre look the vase has. It’s created a lot more depth, where once it was a pretty boring and basic piece. I kind of like it more now, so I might hold on to it just a little longer…

What do you think?! You can use this technique for anything, so if you can’t find a faux plant like I have you could easily do this with another project!

XOXO, Lidy

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