I’ve been slightly obsessed with arrows lately, so much so, I dedicated a whole board for them on pinterest! I’m sure a lot of people have a love for these ! I’ve also been liking the combination of gold and black. There’s just something very retro about it when you put them together!  I decided to do a little DIY so I could put all three of these fabulous elements together! 

What you need:

Wooden arrow (or something else you might prefer – found at any craft store)

Spray paint in gold and black (mine is chalkboard paint, because I love to be able to write on it and use as a sign)

Paint brush

What to do:

Tape your arrow perfectly in half, so only one side is exposed. Spray paint one half gold and wait for it to completely dry before removing tape. Tape the opposite side and paint black. You may want to do several layers with the chalkboard paint. Wait for it to dry and remove tape. Just like that you’re done! You are left with a very fun and retro inspired piece! I wrote a little message on mine! You can use it in any room or for a fun little sign at a birthday or shower event.


Hope this was an easy DIY, one you can whip up in no time and have satisfying results! Hope youre weekend was great! Happy Monday!

XOXO, Lidy

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