I recently took a road trip to Santa Barbara and stopped by some of my favorite shops. One of them being, Plum, an eclectic and lovely shop! It’s always full of inspiring work and I always go home with new ideas! This time around, I spotted some adorable book mobiles hanging in the window display. I decided I would go home and try to figure it out! It was so much fun! 

Materials you will need:

A thrifted vintage book

Lightweight cardboard

Selected pages from your book

Craft knife



Hot glue gun

Heavy-duty upholstery thread and sewing needle

What to do:

Choose a book that has a fun design (there are tons at thrift stores and antique shops)

Carefully use your craft knife to remove the cover from the the pages so you are left with just the shell.

Once the hard cover is separated, measure and cut out a piece of cardboard that fits the books spine. This will create stability. Use your hot glue gun to glue in place. You may choose to recover the cardboard using paper of your choice.

Select single papers for your decorative hoops. Illustrations work well for this. Once you have selected your pages, take the shell (hard cover) and punch a hole at the center of the spine. You can use any device, but an awl works best. Take your needle and pull your thread through the hole. Double knot it so it won’t pull out once it is hanging.

Next, begin to create loops by gently bending and glueing single pages. Attach the loops at the top of  the spine and work your way down. Here, you can begin to design your art in whatever way you would like! The end product should be very organic and unique! 

Hope these instructions make sense! It is pretty straight forward and you will  be fine just winging it if you have to!

I had so much fun with this DIY, I might just have to have a craft night with the girls! How do you feel about repurposing books? 

XOXO, Lidy

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