I am thrilled about this DIY! As we are getting our nursery together, I came across TONS of vintage books with fun patterns and colors on the covers. I originally bought them for a touch of Vintage decor, but they have been hiding away in old suitcases instead. I thought I would use some of them in our nursery as is, but also decided to have a little fun as well! 


I love the idea of painting the cover of old vintage books (not the pretty ones!!) and repurposing them for something else! I can write on the book covers whatever I want: a love note, a line to a lullaby, an encouraging phrase like “read”, or simply the word “books”. There are so many fun things you can do! This DIY isn’t just for kids, but adults alike!  You can now write all you want on the covers without consequence! These would look great in the nursery or even on the coffee table in your family room to give your decor a unique flavor! 

All you simply need to do is get an old book(s) and paint the cover with a nice layer of chalkboard paint. Let it dry completely and write something fun on the cover and back. I also painted the spine a nice gold to help the book stand out more on the shelf! There you go! So easy and simple! 

What do you think about chalkboard book covers? Too out there or can you see this being a lot of fun?!

XOXO, Lidy

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