So, the nursery got a makeover this weekend. I organized all my sewing/craft supplies and put them in bins. We got rid of the brightly yellow walls and put in a nice modern and gender neutral grey (or gray). It looks so much better, I have to admit! We rearranged the room to fit the baby stuff in there a bit better. This included a 600lb piano…not so fun trying to get it across the room. By the evening, we had a pretty decent start to our little baby’s nursery! I am still trying to figure out what we should hang on the walls, before I start making holes in the new paint. Until we get all that figured out, I decided to make a whimsical cloud mobile to hang over the crib! I have been pinning these for weeks now! So happy I finally got around to making something with clouds! We don’t have a theme for our nursery, but whimsical is the closest thing I can say we are going for! If you don’t want to use this as a mobile for your little one, this would still look cute as regular decor! You can get very creative, so do some looking around on Pinterest to get some more ideas! 

What you will need:

Paper (I chose a children’s book that we happened to have two of. I decided to keep it a long the story line for a fun element and something different!) 



Hot glue gun

String (clear or colored)


Take your pieces of paper and draw out various sizes of clouds. Make two of each: one to lie flat, the other for folding (to create a 3-D affect). Once you have as many clouds as you would like, lay them out in the order in which you would like (starting at the top and working your way to the bottom). I made the top clouds bigger than the bottom for a more interesting shape. Take the double of each cloud and carefully create a vertical line with your hot glue.

Place the second cloud over the first and fold so it has a sort of 3-D affect. Repeat this step with all the clouds. Keeping your mobile in order, take string and hot glue the string carefully to each cloud. Make sure you really think about how you want the order to be and how you want it to hang before you glue your string to the clouds.

Once all the string is properly attached, carefully pick up your mobile and hang it where ever you desire! I hung ours over our crib and it looks so cute! I love the mobile and the little story it tells…it’s definitely one-of-a-kind! 

Hope the instructions were easy to follow! Let me know what you think! Are you a fan of this “cloud” fad that’s going on?! 

xoxo, Lidy



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