DIY Dipped Frame

I’ve been asked a lot about the frames on our gallery wall in the living room and if I made them myself. The answer is no, but it is so easy to do! I decided to show you just how quickly you accomplish the same look in just a few minutes! 

DIY Dipped Frame

What you will need:

Any frame


Paint in any color (you could also use spray paint)

Pain brush

DIY Dipped Frame

What to do:

1. Gather your supplies 2. Take your print out of the frame 3. Tape off a section of your frame (if you are using spray paint, make sure to completely cover the other portion of the frame) 4. Paint within your taped off section 5. Let your paint dry completely and then slowly remove the tape 6. Place your print back in the frame and you’re done! 

DIY Dipped Frame

DIY Dipped Frame

Joel thrifted this wolf print and frame for the boys room a while ago.  I liked the colors in the print and the frame was in great shape, but that gold helps it pop even more! 

DIY Dipped Frame

This DIY is so easy, you could do this to a bunch of frames and create a really cool gallery wall. I wish I grabbed more of those frames when I had the chance, but now I can just make a bunch of my own in no time at all! 

XOXO, Lidy

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