DIY Folk Art

DIY Folk Art

DIY Folk Art

Last week, we went to the beach A LOT! It has been so hot here lately, we just decided to skip town! We first headed out to Ventura, CA for a couple days. We came home to a broken air conditioner (thankfully nothing serious), so our house was 93 degrees. It was SO hot!!!! We stayed one more day and went straight back to the beach for another couple days, this time Santa Barbara, CA! We had such a great time! 

DIY Folk Art

Our kids loved the beach: the ocean, the sand, their beach toys and floaties! We all enjoyed the amazing weather and a whole lot of swimming! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a lot of our beach pictures while we were on our holiday! The kids were so fun to watch! It didn’t matter where we went, they always drew a lot of attention and made a lot of new friends!

DIY Folk Art


DIY Folk Art

While we were at the beach, my husband and the kids walked around collecting sea glass, shells and drift wood. Little did I know he had a little project in the back of his mind! When we got home, he simply asked where my hot glue gun was (which is odd, right?) and he called our oldest two over. They sat down for a bit crafting together and making a piece of folk art with the treasures they found on the beach earlier that week! Yes, it was adorable! 

DIY Folk Art

What you will need:

Sea glass


Drift wood

Hot glue gun

DIY Folk Art

Simply hot glue your sea glass and shells to one side of the drift wood and arrange how you would like! You will be left with an original piece of folk art to display in your home! This is especially great to do with your kids! We let them take turns picking out what sea glass or shell to glue on next and I must say, they did a great job! I love it so much, it’s now being displayed in our living room! 

DIY Folk Art

I think it’s great when we can find little DIYs to do with the kids. They really do love to craft and it makes me happy to see them enjoying themselves! What do you think of this quirky little DIY?

XOXO, Lidy

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  • Marlene @ Jade and Fern

    Adorbs! What a clever way to get kids crafing.

    • HelloLidy

      Thank you! My husband use to do this when he was a kid, so he thought he would start that same tradition with our little ones. They surprisingly did very well!



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