I came across some fun glass globes for super cheap. Cheap is always the magic word. I decided to do something a bit more modern in my usually vintage-inspired home. It adds a touch of freshness to our home interior, just enough to compliment our thrifty pieces around the house. 

I love little accents of green. Especially if it’s coming from it’s natural form, like our DIY terrariums or other plants in the home. This time however, I was mesmerized by some gorgeous reindeer moss I came across the other day. It was the perfect color of green and seemed so clean and fresh. So, I grabbed the globes, moss and some twine to complete a very simple DIY that would surely look great! 

I tied my twine through the loop at the top of my glass globe, took a few pieces of fresh moss and placed it inside my globe. I hung up my new modern piece of decor and am enjoying it quite a bit! Sometimes, keeping things simple really can do a lot for your home. I didn’t want to have to make it complicated or too fancy, the moss is so unique all on it’s own. Although, a glass globe terrarium might be fun in the future! 

It’s a simple DIY, but what do you think? Is this modern glass globe something you would have hanging in your home?

XOXO, Lidy

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