Don’t you love those fun trips to the craft store?! You get all excited seeing all those creative tools and supplies! Then again, maybe it’s not such a good thing, for me anyway! I feel like every time I make a trip, I walk out with more stuff I don’t really need. So, in order to feel better about my bad habits, the least I can do is put these few items to use. Otherwise, it will all fall to the waste side and I’m not going to let that happen! 

Not too long ago, I picked up a couple wooden plaques for my Antler DIY. I had the extra one laying around still, so I knew I wanted to do something with it. But what? It had it’s limitations and I was finding it hard to come up with something new or unique. I finally decided on a DIY Monogram, using a different approach then what you might be use to! 

What you need:

Wooden Plaque

Paint (any color)


Cute facric


Hook for mounting on the back of plaque 

What to do:

Take your your plaque and sand it, if needed. Wipe clean, and put a nice coat of paint on. Let it dry completely. Depending on the type of paint you use, you may only need to do one coat. If you still see a bit of the wood coming through, paint a second coat. Let it dry. Secure your hook on the back of plaque according to instructions. Take your fabric and pull through the hook. This will be used to hang on the wall. Tie a pretty bow at the top for a cute touch! Since chalk is so great on almost any surface, you can design your letter anyway you please! I made a little design to frame my letter “D” and personalized it a bit! I love that I can change it anytime I please! If I feel inspired to create another design, I can simply wipe it off and start again! Love that! 

This is a very simple DIY, great for any room! You can use it for your front door with a wreath or on it’s own even! It’s just so versitile! Thanks for stopping in and reading today’s post! Hope you found it helpful and inspiring in some small way! 

XOXO, Lidy

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