When it comes to weddings, showers, birthdays or any event really, I love to take a closer look at all the fun paper goods and fun designs. I always find inspiration to go home with and can’t wait to try some fun things of my own! This past Creative Connection event I was honored to design the flyer, sign up/contact sheet and name tags. I knew it was going to be outside in a beautiful area and wanted a design that was feminine and light. I decided to keep it fairly simple: soft colors with a touch of vintage lace. They turned out super cute and hope to do more things like this in the future! It’s just too fun!

Want to design your own name tags: Create a simple design on your computer or do something fun by hand! If you design something on the computer, get it printed at your nearest print store (I just went to Kinkos and they turned out great…super cheap too!). You can even print from your own printer, just use sturdy card stock! I hole punched the upper left corner and slid my vintage lace through it. I hot glued a rolling clasp pin on the back of each one and I was finished! Not bad, right? 

Another thing I had to think about after designing the name tags was how to present them. I decided to use clothes pins and clip them to a vintage wooden display. The colors and textures went well together and the stand was a lot of fun to work with (bonus)! The girls loved everything and I couldn’t be more thankful, my first clients were impressed! 

What is your favorite part about birthdays, showers or other event planning? I can’t wait for our little one to arrive! Waiting this long has given me plenty of ideas for his/her birthday! 

XOXO, Lidy

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