This is a new post I’m going to try out every so often: I’m going to compile all the DIYs over the last few weeks and do a brief description of each one! Perhaps it will give you some motivation to try some out over the weekend and let me know how it goes! Most of my DIYs are simple, cheap and always fun!

Hope you give some of these a try! You will have a lot of fun with them, I promise!

1. Simple DIY Organizer: A quick fix to get yourself organized and on your way out the door! This has saved us many times in the midst of running late! We can finally find our keys panic-free plus store other important items! 

2. DIY Motivational Art: A fun way to stay positive and remind yourself what matters to you! 

3. DIY Mapped Frame: A fantastic way to remember a special trip for years to come! 

4. DIY Fabric Banner: This is one of my many favorites because it’s so easy and super effective! Great for any kind of event: baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday or even for home decor! It’s sure to look darling!

5. DIY Napkin Fun: Personalize your own fabric napkins to add a special touch to your dinner table! 

6. DIY Antler Plaque: A great way to bring nature indoors! Looks so cute in any room! 

7. DIY Revamped Vase: It’s amazing what paint can do to a plain vase! You can have a lot of fun with this project! 

8. DIY Painted Wooden Spoons: This is a bonus! If you look everywhere, you will notice everyone is painting their wooden spoons! What gives? Well, it just happens to look super cute!! I decided to paint mine green and keep it consistent, just to add a pop of color in our kitchen! If you research on Pinterest, you will be pleasantly surprised! There are all sorts of ideas out there…so get creative with it!!!! I decided not to do a DIY post, since there are so many out there! So, I found a link you can follow instead! 

Hope this gives you a few ideas for the weekend! Let me know if you decide to try any of them!!! I would love to hear all about it! 

XOXO, Lidy

Insta-Replay: Room for baby
DIY Napkin Fun

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