We have always been on the search for the perfect coffee table! We have had a vintage table from a local thrift store for some time now. It’s been a great piece, but we decided to start looking again for something a bit more us and better suited for our ever-evolving living space. We decided to make our own coffee table, this way we will have exactly what we’re looking for in a table and enjoy the benefits of making our own! I shared the before pictures of this project, this is the after! 

This DIY is super simple. You only need a few parts to make this great creation possible! We found a fabulous slab of reclaimed curly redwood at our favorite lumber store in Arcata, CA. There was a huge selection, but we finally settled on one that was truly unique in shape, texture and color! We also ordered some hairpin legs to add a mid-century vibe to our table. We sanded our table until smooth, then varnished it with polyurethane to bring out all the beautiful detail. We did this about 4 times. TIP: After each coat has dried, use fine grit sand paper to give it a nice gloss finish in the end. We measured where we wanted the legs to go and pre-drilled (this is an important step) and screwed them in permanently with all purposed screws. Just like that, another project was finished! 

I am having fun placing different decor on the table and not too sure about the rug. For now, it’s keeping the table grounded and protecting our hardwood floors! Just another fun thing to keep our eyes open for. I love how it matches our little table in the nook! Our next project will be our dining room table. I’m thinking we will stick with the hairpin legs, but might try another wood material. Maybe plywood? We will see! 

What do you think of the end result? Is this something you would like to try? Any questions – feel free to ask! We would be happy to help! 

XOXO, Lidy

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