Valentine’s day is fast approaching us and what’s better than having tea for two! I love endless cups of tea with my husband, snuggling up and watching movies together (which would be the perfect date for this simple girl!). It’s an easy gift, but perfect for warming the heart! Tea is such a comforting thing, when you hear the kettle whistle, you instantly feel right again. 

Here is a simple DIY you can whip up at home in no time! You can warm someones tummy and heart this Valentine’s day! 

You will need:

– needle and thread

– cut out paper hearts (I used vintage paper and regular construction paper)

– tea bag ( I used black tea, but you can use whatever kind your special someone enjoys)

Simply cut a piece of thread the length you would like between your tea bag and your paper heart (not too long or too short….just right!). Make sure your thread is thick enough that it won’t break and carefully hand stitch the thread into the heart. You may choose to tie a small knot when it has been through a few times to ensure it does not come undone. Repeat this step with the tea bag, using the same piece of thread.

You can have all sorts of fun with this craft. Use any kind of paper you desire (thick paper is a lot easier to work with). You can even write a sweet note or leave as is! This DIY looks so cute when serving a cup of tea! You can even put it in a little gift bag and give to someone you appreciate! These would make great favors for a Valentine’s party or even an eclectic wedding. Tea is great for all occasions, so in the future, try using this craft for all kinds of fun events!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this DIY, let me know what you think! Is this something you might try this Valentine’s?

XOXO, Lidy

Handmade with Love
Decor: New Light Fixture

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