About a month or two ago, my husband came home with a bunch of empty glass containers for us to do a fun project together: DIY terrariums! What a guy!? He knows I’ve been eyeing terrariums for a while, I mean, they are everywhere. Unfortunately, buying one means spending anywhere from $25.00 to $350.00 (I read that they can cost that much….crazy, right?!). Well, I am a thrifty gal, so how hard could it be to make your own! Plus, it’s so much more rewarding than just buying one! Making them is half the fun! 

What you will need:

Glass Containers (thrift stores are a great place to get them for cheap)
Soil Mix (you can always ask someone for what the best option is for a terrarium)
Decorative Rock (we used Lava rock, which you can find at Home Depot)
Succulents and Cacti (you can get these at your nearest nursery or home depot store)

Option: You can put charcoal in the bottom layer to prevent any smell issues. We did not do this, so we will see how it goes. As long as there is proper drainage you should be good. 

What to do:

For your first layer, place lava rock on the bottom of the glass container to act as a drainage system. Then add some soil and make little wells to plant your succulents or cactus. This is the fun part, because you get nice and dirty! You can also arrange the plants whichever way pleases you! Before planting the succulents and cacti, make sure to gently loosen the existing soil around the roots. The soil may break apart, which is ok as long as you are saving the soil and placing it in the glass container! Once everything is all planted, pack down extra soil around the succulents and cacti to ensure they are in place securely. Then, add another layer of lava rock around your plants. Add some water and just like that you are done! It’s so easy! So much so, we made four separate terrariums!

I am a little addicted and may have to make more for our porch and perhaps a few more around the house! These are my kind of plants! They are extremely low maintenance, only needing sun and a little water! I had so much fun doing this with my hubby and we saved some money by getting thrifty and creative! 

They sure add a rustic and organic feel to our tabletop. It’s lovely having something green and alive in our homestead! 

Do you think this is something you would like to try? 

XOXO, Lidy

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