When it comes to thrifty finds, the choices are endless! I love to find unique things for my home, even though it would be so much easier just going out and buying something from a home design store. When I see potential in something, I can’t help but pursue it! Especially if it’s free! 

I recently acquired a couple unique glass bottles. One was from ordering a fancy water at a cafe while in Santa Barbara, the other, a retro styled 7-up bottle. I thought they would look cute displayed as vases on our hutch in the dining room. I love the colors and shape of the bottles. I know, it’s strange. What can I say, I do look for beauty in everything! 

I think these bottles would make great center pieces with a bunch beautiful flowers! With varying colors, shapes and sizes you could have a lot of fun with them! For now, I placed some paper flowers my mother-in-law gave me while we were up there visiting. I am in the process of working on a DIY for them real soon, so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on these little thrifty bottles? Would you be willing to recycle yours to add an element of design in your home? 

XOXO, Lidy

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