It’s our FIRST Christmas with our little ones! There are no words to describe how excited we are to celebrate this season as a family. It’s tradition in my family, as well as my husbands family, to recieve  personalized stockings! Although, I have lost track of mine over the years. Nonethelss, I decided to make my baby boy and girl there very first stockings. 

We discovered these fabulous vintage stockings at my favorite antique store from my favorite vendor. They are identical and are from the 50s era. I picked up the cutest little bear and fox knit ornaments from Target (I cut the strings off ). I thought these would be a cute element on the stocking. We chose the bear for our little guy because he is a thick and stalky little man. He is also the sweetest and cuddly boy ever! We decided the fox for our little girl, she is our playful and lively little one! She’s quick too, so we have to watch her very carefully!

I created a letter monogram for each stocking. I cut the letters “H” and “V” out of glittered sticky paper – the back is literally a sticky surface when you pull away the backing. I also cut the letters out of grey felt (slightly larger to border the glittered letters) to create more depth. I scalloped the edges of the felt to make it look a bit more fancy and pretty. I also made some faux holly using green felt and red berries. 

Once I got all my supplies cut out and ready to go, I simply stuck the glittered letters to the felt and hot glued the felt to the stocking. I also placed the holly at the base of each letter. I then carefully hot glued the little bear and fox to the top of the stocking where the head was still mobile and popped up a bit. I think the kids are going to love them! I know I am happy with how they turned out. I didn’t have to spend a fortune putting them together either – bonus!

What do you think of this DIY? Have you ever made your stockings before?

XOXO, Lidy 

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