Dote Magazine | The Great Mantlescape

Dote Magazine Design Column | The Great Mantlescape

Back in November, I mentioned how I was going to be writing a new design column for Dote Magazine! My column would be focused on fixing a design problem that plagued many different types of homes and introduce simple solutions. Four months later and Issue Two has finally launched! Here was what I was working on:

Dote Magazine Design Column | The Great Mantlescape

When a city like Calgary is growing at an exponential rate, buying a home can be daunting. You throw all your expectations out the window and rely solely on necessity and reality. Which often means moving into a “cookie-cutter” home. 

Dote Magazine Design Column | The Great Mantlescape

Those awkward spaces above the fireplace for one, which most often collects a lot of “stuff”, making the overall space feel a bit cluttered. Perhaps the builders envisioned your standard television to go there, but not all of us want our T.V.’s to be the focal point in our family rooms. 

Dote Magazine Design Column | The Great Mantlescape

We came up with a simple solution that truly gave the space a new and fresh look! We closed off the opening above the fireplace and created a wall made of slat wood. By painting it white, this allowed the area to flow a lot better! The slats brought a great texture by breaking up the flatness of the walls that surrounded the fireplace. We also painted the mantle to help pull the fireplace together and making it look as one solid piece. The space certainly feels a lot more modern and minimal. Best part is, there’s a new mantle to style and decorate now – gone are the days of clutter! 

Dote Magazine Design Column | The Great Mantlescape

Now that we have the fireplace makeover out of the way, let’s talk mantles! Because if you don’t know me, I love to design a good mantle! It might be a small surface area, but you can really make a room pop if you know how to create that perfect look! I’ve created a simple formula to really help you navigate where to begin and how to go about creating a great design for your mantle:

  • Introduce at least one unique piece of art or decor that will act as that conversational piece! It can be something you picked up from your travels overseas, a thrifted item or even a family heirloom passed down to you. The point is, it’s one-of-a-kind and everyone is going to want to know where you found it! 
  • Keep a consistent color palette by bringing in art prints, photographs, vases, florals, books, knick knacks or even candles. This will help the mantle feel light and flow a lot more easily, rather than being chopped up and feeling out of sorts. Think color and texture – whether it’s bling from some brass or texture from a great painting – it’s all good. 
  • This last one is my favorite! If you haven’t heard the term “Mantlescape”, then you’re welcome. Basically, you want to think of a landscape when decorating your mantle. This will allow the eye to flow up and down in a more natural way. It won’t feel forced, but rather it will feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable.

Dote Magazine Design Column | The Great Mantlescape

I feel so lucky to have this amazing opportunity! I’m meeting the editor this week to go over some Ideas for the next issue. Such an amazing team and community to be part of! I am so excited for these opportunities that have been coming my way. Even if they don’t last forever, I am going to enjoy every minute of it! If you’re in Calgary and area, be sure to find a location to pick up a copy! For all my friends from afar, you can purchase a copy here! It’s full of SO much amazing inspiration!

What do you think of the fireplace transformation? Is there a design dilemma you would like to see answered in the next issue? 

XOXO, Lidy



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  • Sabrina Grant

    Yay! Congrats! You are such a celeb these days :) Nice headshot in the magazine too. Super cute pic.

    • HelloLidy

      Thanks Sabrina!!! You are the best!


  • Kelly Willington

    Love this article, Lidy! I actually DO have a mantel piece and it is NOT looking as pretty as it could these days. It is coming with us when we move though, and hopefully we won’t have our T.V. over it, like right now. Right now, there are (oh, so embarrassing to admit this) movies on it! Love you and your wonderful ideas! And congratulations on this article! WAY.TO.GO! xo

    • HelloLidy

      So happy to hear that this was actually helpful! haha Thanks so much for your sweet words, Kelly! And, don’t be embarrassed – I think we all do that. It’s just nice to have some options if that isn’t how you want your space to look. You know? Can’t wait for you guys to move! I am so looking forward to seeing you my dear friend!



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