Closet Makeover

Now that we have three little ones in the home, I am really starting to dream up some ideas for how to better organize the kids closets! Right now, we have a 1940s home with built-ins in two of the three bedrooms. They add fantastic character, but they’ve become a dumping ground for everything! 

Closet Makeover

I decided to share with you the real deal behind my closet’s closed doors! Be warned, this is a disaster zone! I’ve come to realize that our house really lacks space and so I’ve gotten into this habit of just hiding stuff in their closets. Not to mention, we don’t have any other closets in the home really, so I figure they don’t need all that space entirely to themselves. It’s gotten so bad – yikes!! I am afraid to tackle the mess that lies behind those clean white doors. So, I decided to start planning some ideas so that it might put my words into action!

California Closets

 Baby Girl Closet

I decided the BEST solution for my problem are some custom closet organizers! I’ve done a lot of thinking and this seems to make the most sense! The closet space is perfect to work with – they are deep and spacious – so creating a great storage unit within their closets will be perfect for organizing all those clothes, toys, books, laundry hampers, extra blankets and so much more! I am thinking up so many ideas and wondering just how much less stress I would have if I could just have the closets of my dreams! 

California Closets

Closet Details

While researching some ideas I truly fell in love with a plethora of organizing solutions! There are so many AMAZING alternatives for my closet dilemma – no more bins! Not to mention, my little one’s closets will still be great for years in the making! When they grow out of all those clothes and toys, the closet still remains just as useful! I can also use some of the space to store my crafting supplies, sewing machine and other miscellaneous items. Let’s face it, I’m never going to have my own craft room any time soon, so I can borrow some of that space for my goodies as well. It’s all customizable, depending on your needs! 

California Closets

Baby Boy Closet

The wheels in my head are spinning and I am feeling energized to tackle those closets and start getting them under control! What do you think of these amazing custom closet organizers? Don’t you think they are the perfect solution?!

XOXO, Lidy

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*This was a sponsored post with California Closets, but all my opinions are my own.

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