I’m back! It was a fabulous spring break and I thank you for being kind enough to allow me this time to refuel! I had an amazing eye-opening week. I don’t know what it was particularly, but I re-discovered some awfully important things in my life. There was no pivotal moment that brought me these discoveries, they just happened in various moments that caught me off gaurd. It was magical. It was special. It was a true blessing. 

I was reminded of a song I  listen to often. A good reminder during the Easter season: 

You can take my dry bones
Breathe life into this skin
You called me by name
Raised me to life again

In a way, I’ve been feeling like I’m floating along in life. The wind blows me in all kinds of directions and I’ve started to wonder a lot about a greater purpose. I think this is a natural human inclination. To step back and wonder what it’s all about. Why we are here. What are we here for. Because we know it’s more than just getting up every morning to get dressed. Getting the kids fed and out the door. It’s more than getting in the car and driving to do errands. It’s more than checking emails, blogs and social media. It’s more than talking to loved ones on the phone or coffee dates with friends. It’s more than getting dinner on the table and getting to bed on time. So much more. 


In time, in our own ways, we start to search. I know I began and still continue to look for something more than all the skin-deep living. What about the thing that gives life meat. Something that pulls it all together and gives us REASON. A cause. To explain why we are here and why we do what we do. To justify things or not to justify. In all I do, I want to do it well and with purpose. I want to touch lives and be moved. I want to go where the wind takes me, but I want to know that the wind isn’t just some happen-chance or mistake. I want to believe it’s a hand that moves with precision and care. It takes me where I’m needed and called. 

Wherever I am led, I will follow. I know it would be a shame and waste to live my life not trying to discover the importance of living outside of what little I know. To step outside my fears and reservations. Don’t we all ask, is there more? I know the answer is yes. And I believe in time we all discover the answer will always be….yes. 

XOXO, Lidy

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