Fall + Halloween Paper Vases

This week we head into October, if you can believe it! I love the beginning of all these fun holidays that are quickly approaching! I decided to start this week off with some fun fall/halloween paper vases for keeping your home looking nice and festive! 

Fall + Halloween Paper Vases

What you will need:

Paper (I used 4 sheets in total, double sided)




Fall + Halloween Paper Vases

First, take your pencil and sketch out your vases. I chose to have three in total with varying heights and designs. I then took my scissors and cut the first design from each sheet of paper. I folded each individual piece in half and began to glue one side of the vase with another until all 4 sides of the paper vases were connected. I then repeated it with the other two remaining vases. Make sure to leave a slight gap in the center so that sliding your flowers will be easier to do! You’re done! 

Fall + Halloween Paper Vases

I love the finished product of this DIY! The four different designs of the vase allow you to really switch things up, depending on what side you prefer to show first! These colors are great for the season: black, white, orange and grey! Not to mention, this would be a great DIY to do with little ones! It’s super simple and they would have a blast putting them together!

Fall + Halloween Paper Vases

I love the geometric designs and modern look! It fits nicely in our home and I don’t need to worry about it standing out too much. This would be fantastic on a shelf or even part of your dining room table top! I have a feeling I will be moving these around a bit these next couple months! 

Fall + Halloween Paper Vases

What do you think of this simple DIY? Would you incorporate these into your home this season?

XOXO, Lidy

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