It’s been two months already. Can you believe it? Somedays it feels longer, other days not so much. We’ve learned a lot about one another. We’ve seen so many changes – good and bad. All in all, I think we have started settling into our new little “family”. I can’t imagine my life without these little ones. They bring us so much joy! 

This year is many “firsts” for us and I really want them to be special and remembered well. This year will be our first Halloween/fall as a family. So, it only felt right that I take the kids to a little pumpkin patch! It was just the three of us and a close friend, since my husband had to work.  It was so fun! The kids loved all the pumpkins, they were everywhere – almost like a ball pit! We took so many cute pictures! We walked in the cornfield and discovered a vintage trailer. The kids were so interested in it, makes this thrifty heart happy!  My kids love old stuff just like mommy and daddy! We said hello to some friendly animals and one very smelly pig!  Then,  just like that the kids were done and ready to go. It all worked out perfectly. Stress-free and great memories! 

Although I’ve only been a mom for two months, I realize how time is of the essence. It’s so important to enjoy every moment you get with your family. Our little ones have grown so much already since we first met. I feel like they are growing so fast and I don’t want to miss a thing! I can’t wait to do more activities as a family, building great memories that will surely shape and mold this new foundation to their lives. It’s a new season, a new start, for them and for us. 

Excuse our pictures. At this time we are not able to show our little babies sweet faces until our adoption is finalized. Until then, this is all I can show…which is better than nothing!!!

XOXO, Lidy

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