Flower Crown How-To

On Monday I shared my Flower Crown Workshop recap along with The Crafted Life! Today I’m sharing the how-to with this a fabulous video we made the day before our event! Rachel and I had so much fun visiting the LA Flower District. There was this buzz of excitement as we put this DIY together for you all to enjoy! 

1. You will need grapevine, selection of flowers and greenery, floral tape and floral wire 2. Begin by measuring your grapevine around the circumference of your head and twist your grapevine ends to hold securely according to your measurements 3. Make bundles with your flowers and greenery (make sure stems are about an inch in length) 4. Secure each bundle with floral tape 5. Make enough bundles to go around your entire crown 6. Secure the bundles to the crown using floral wire going in a clockwise direction.7. Place the next bundle over the stems of the bundle before to make sure the floral tape is hidden 8. Repeat step until your crown is completed. These are perfect for all kinds of occasions or just because you like to look pretty spectacular wearing a floral crown! 

Thanks again Ian for working your magic! Friends, I would love your feedback. Be sure to let me know what you all think!

XOXO, Lidy

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