Ok friends, I know I’ve been absent all week. A month or so ago, my youngest son decided to spill a very sugary beverage all over the keyboard of my laptop. For the longest time, I was using an external keyboard and hauling it all around. I finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on getting my old one replaced. It’s as good as new – no more crunching sounds or sticky keys – yay! So, while I’ve been taking an involuntary break from my blog, I’ve had the chance to enjoy some rather splendid DIYs around the web this week. Hope you enjoy! 

Friday Finds

Those DIY Color Blocked Wood Vases are gorgeous! I could easily see one or more of these in our home! 

I would so rock these DIY Temporary Edible Gold Lipstick Glasses at my next party! I mean, the sheer fact that they’re edible?! And totally adorable of course. 

Ok, how stinkin’ cute and clever is this Fries Before Guys FREE Printable?! SO fun(ny)!

As a mother of three, I am totally for any game that keeps the kiddos busy and having a good time. This Tic Tac Toe Valentine is so easy to make and overall fabulous! 

Totally had one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” moments when I first saw these DIY Modern Placemats! They have everything I love – black, white, graphic, clean and modern. Duh, I should have totally thought of that one on my own! Regardless, I love them and that’s that. 

I’ll be back next week and to kick start my return, I am hosting a very fun giveaway that you do not want to miss! So be sure to have a grand weekend and then come back first thing Monday morning!! 

XOXO, Lidy


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Friday Finds

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