Friday Finds | Diagonal Painted Walls

I’m still itching to do a fun painting project somewhere in the house! We almost did a diagonal painted wall in our master bedroom, but decided it wasn’t the right space for that. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to use as inspiration. Still trying to figure out where to do it – kids rooms? Basement living room? Foyer? Any ideas?! 

Diagonal Painted Walls

1 2 3 4 5

Are you working on any fun design projects in your home? I feel like we have so many things going on, it can be a little overwhelming. Which is why we decided to take it slow for just a bit, rest up and then start getting the rest done! 

XOXO, Lidy

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  • Hello Sweetpea

    I think kids rooms are always a good place to experiment with a look your not over confident in, I love these looks but sadly I live in a rental and my landlady although lovely is the queen of beige I think when we finally buy a place I’m going to go crazy with the paint!

    • HelloLidy

      You are so right! I was thinking of doing it in Violet’s room on the opposite wall of her bed. It would be so fun in her space for sure!!

      Also, you might be right. Don’t think the landlady would appreciate such a modern paint job inside 😉 One day though, right?!


  • Oh I like these! Especially 2 + 5. I feel the same way…I want to fix up our living room but our bathroom still needs work..

    • HelloLidy

      Totally agree Julia! Ever since I saw that image from The Land of Nod catalogue, I knew I had to do that somewhere in my house!!

      It’s frustrating when you can’t get every job done at one time in the house! Im starting to feel that way too, I want to do one, but there’s another (more important) project needing my attention. At least we have lots to blog about 😉



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